Protecting your family and properties

There are many ways you can protect your family and your properties. Your family should be the top of your priority before your properties like houses and cars, but usually your family lives on your properties and travel in your cars. You try as much as you can to watch your family and protect your family from harmful events but let’s face it, you might not be there all the time for them. This is where ADT Home Security can benefit you the most.


Monitored alarm systems and fire alarm systems are the two of most widely used alarm systems at homes, corporation offices, business premises and others. No matter which or what property you own, no one wants it to be destroyed, stolen or damaged. Sometimes people invest thousands of dollars every year on alarm systems and security systems to make sure that nothing undesirable happens to their precious stuff. ADT Security offers the maximum monitored alarm systems and security alarm systems with the lowest cost possible along with guarantees like money back service guarantee and theft protection guarantee.

Some interesting facts on ADT Security that you might want to know so that you’ll be getting what’s worth for the sum of money you paid for them. ADT Security was established more than 130 years ago with more than 6 million customers worldwide. ADT provides services like burglar alarm systems, home alarm systems, fire alarm systems, critical condition monitoring and more. Approximately 90% of the Fortune 500 companies all over the world acquired their expertise the security area to protect their businesses and investments. ADT also has four Customer Monitoring Centers or CMC located throughout United States that handles more than 93000 alarms per day totaling to 29 million alarms each year.

So if you’re interested in acquiring ADT services for your home or offices, there are ADT authorized  dealer all over the world. The simplest thing you can do is  go to  your favourite search engine and just search for “adt security” and your location. Let’s say you’re somewhere in Canada, you can just search for “adt security Canada” and you will find the authorized dealer near you. Simple first step for the future peace of mind !