Qwest is one of the best alternatives for internet connection

What’s the thing that will turn you off when you’re surfing the net? Yeah, probably the slow internet connection. We all hate it when the internet connection slow because it will make us work slower. For people like me who has nearly zero knowledge in internet connection, it’ll  sucks because I don’t know what to do to make it faster. So, I did what I do best, I Googled. Then I found Qwest. Qwest is the provider of an affordable high speed internet connection and home phone and long distance phone. From what I read, Qwest seems to be the best alternatives for dial-up connection if it is available in your area.


Qwest high speed Internet offers multiple packages or plans from Silver, Platinum, Titanium and Quantum, therefore I’m sure you will find one that is right for your lifestyle. Each packages will vary from each other in certain parts but one thing for sure is if you register with Qwest in any plan you’ll get free modem that is worth $60. For me, I think that is good enough because you don’t have to buy a modem and it’ll save your money. By the way, who doesn’t like free stuff? If you find youself spending so much time waiting for certain pages to load, then Qwest will take your internet connection to another level. If you have any problem, they have telephone technical support 24/7, meaning you’ll always have someone to help you.

Qwest phone service offers Unlimited Local Calling, Streamlined billing and No long term contract. If you want to save even more, add the long distance packages. Just like Qwest high speed internet plans, Qwest phone service also divides it’s plan to multiple categories. There are Basic Phone Service, Qwest Choice Home with 3 calling features and Qwest Choice Home Plus with 10 calling features. In my opinion, I think Home Plus Plan is the best plan because you can customize your phone service depending on your needs. The best part is you can change the plan without any hassle. If you’re considering Qwest you should know that it’s just one click away.:wink: