Using mailing lists to target your customers

In internet marketing, mailing list is one of the important things to be equipped with if you want to be a successful internet marketeer. Mailing list usually consists of recipient’s name and email address only. Just two information needed for your mailing list. After that, internet marketeers will send emails for promoting products and services that will caught the subscribers attention to the product. Usually, internet marketeer will promote affiliate products where they will earn commissions on each sale and some promote their own product to the mailing list. Although it’s commonly used by internet marketeers now, but the fact is direct mailing lists have been used by offline businesses for sometime now.


The act of buying and selling mailing lists have been ongoing for quite some time now. In the old days, mailing lists will consists more than just name and email address of the recipients. Other informations like postal address and phone number sometimes are included in the mailing list. That makes the mailing lists is as valuable to offline business owners as it is to internet marketeers.

Buying a mailing lists is not usually works the way we wanted to if the targeted customer does not fall into our nature of business. Take for instance, the new homeowner lists. If you’re a developer of properties and you bought the mailing lists, it’s not really suitable for you. This is because, the mailing lists consists of the people who just bought a new property or a house. Obviously, they’re not looking for a new home or property at the moment unless they are property brokers. This mailing lists are suitable for furniture companies, home decorators, moving companies and many more.

That’s just an example of how wrong mailing list or wrongly targeted customer or prospects will not be beneficial for you. You can buy mailing list for a sum of money, usually it’s very expensive but some people look at it as an investment or you can start your own mailing lists. This is suitable for business owners who are making their own business mailing lists. With mailing list, they can keep in touch with the customers and are able to send news, promotions and appreciation emails to their previous customers and this will make the customers return to their business in the future. Just bear in mind, mailing lists is no good if you don’t provide the best experience for your customers when they first visit you to do business.