Vipre : The new player in antivirus and anti spyware software

It’s been a while since I talk about technology in the blog. I haven’t had much time to do tutorials now since I’m always busy at the office with all the work. Hopefully I can find some time to make new tutorials in the near future. In the mean time, I would like to introduce my readers to a new player in the Antivirus Software category. It’s called Vipre. In short, it’s an anti virus solution which includes anti virus and anti spyware in a single application.


Vipre anti virus and anti spyware solution is geared to give you a peace of mind when using the computer while offline or online. The main advantage for Vipre is the performance of the application. The test results ran by major software company shows that Vipre uses very little memory when it’s protecting your computer and uses far less memory than other Antivirus Software when scanning your computer than other anti virus solution. Refer to the graph below for the test comparison and results.


Vipre anti virus and anti spyware solution is not only offered to the home users but also to the business owners. Performance and reliability is always an issue for a corporation and with the reviews all over the internet, you can be sure on how Vipre anti virus solution will help you in the cause. With less memory usage and CPU usage, equipped with better protection for viruses along with built in anti spyware solution, it’s a great savings to the business. By getting an anti virus solution, you will be getting an anti spyware solution for free. With minimum requirement of Pentium 3, it is a great anti virus solution for old computers or servers and there’s no need to upgrade or buy a new computer to run the anti virus. See how much you can save from the purchase? Furthermore, using the old computers, you can see significant effect on the performance since Vipre runs on low CPU and memory usage.


If you’re still unsure about getting it or doesn’t want to splash money on something that you think you might regret later, Vipre anti virus solution offers a free 15 days trial without any restrictions. That means, you will have all the features like a paid version of it in the expense of 15 days. More than 2 weeks is more than enough for you or the system administrators to test it out and compare the results with other anti virus solution. So if you’re still looking for an Antivirus Software, Vipre might be the answer for you!