Ways to overcome panic attacks

I’m always afraid of ants, even though it seems so little and tiny but if they’re in large group I’m sure they can do harm to human. If you watch Discovery Channel I bet you know what I mean and have seen what ants can do. The scientific term for fear of ants is called Myrmecophobia. How in the hell can some grown up woman like me can be afraid of ants?Huh, I don’t remember when did I develop that kind of fear but everytime I encounter large number of ants, I feel like I’m having some kind of panic attack and my heart will pound rapidly. Don’t laugh at me because I guarantee each one of you do have fear of something, just whether you can control the panic attacks or not.

ants in large groupOh my god!!:cry::eek:

Panic attack can be unhealthy if you don’t know how to control it because it can effects the quality of your life in many ways you can’t imagine because people who had panic attacks will be traumatized and unable to control of themselves. That’s why it is critical for you to master ways on how to overcome panic attacks if you don’t know how to control it yet. Everybody are born prone and vulnerable to something so don’t worry, there must be ways to beat panic attacks because panic attack is something you made up in your mind so that means you’re capable to get rid of it.

Medical community believe that panic attacks always driven and cause by stress rather than the fear itself. So, what you have to do is conquer your mind and free yourself from stress. If you really want to overcome panic attacks, dedication and time is a must. Since panic attacks are things that you made up in your mind, so you will have to tune the ways your brain thinking a bit. Visualise the right way and occupied your mind with the right feelings. Tell yourself that you are capable to overcome anything that will come in your way. Conquer it! The other thing is be ahead of everything meaning if you’re afraid of flying before you go into the plane, visualize all the good things. Don’t allow yourself to even think about the plane crash. Just remember that your mind and your thinking are the worst enemies in this, so beat it.:wink: