Creating your first free website

I know a lot of people want to have their own website. They have the right idea, they have the projected path of their website in their mind and how they want to run it. Some resorted to blogs as the backend but sometimes it’s too complicated for them. Some find designing their own is harder than it sounds in the first place and lastly, there wasn’t any end product and a great idea goes down to drain just like that.

For anyone who wants to build a simple and professional looking website, you can try Moogo. Moogo is a very simple website solution that even a 7 years old kid can use.  You can create your own Moogo website for free. The website will be up and running in just 4 simple steps.

1. Go to Moogo website click Start Now at the top right corner of the website.

2. Set up the interface of your blog in 2 simple steps, pick the layout and the custom header  according to your website genre just like below. In this case, I used Moogo to create a technology website.


3. Give a unique name for your Moogo website. In this case I choose “mytech” as the name and soon it will be accessible from

my moogo website

4. Just provide your email as your login and set up your password  for further access to your website. You might also need to let them know how you find their web service and you can say that you got the information from my blog. 🙂

This is what the backend interface of Moogo looks like. Simple and not complicated at all. You will get used to it in matter of minutes!

moogo backend

You can try Moogo for free for 7 days without any attachment at all. After 7 days, you have the option for running your website with some advertisement or you can opt for another option which is the paid version of Moogo. Paid version of Moogo is available from personal package that costs USD 9.99 per month or the business package that costs for USD 29.99 per month.

For the people who is looking to start their own website, look no further. Create your own Moogo website for free now!