Stop smoking with electric cigarette

It’s not a secret anymore that I’m trying to quit smoking. That’s a bad habit and I don’t need a further lecture on the bad side of smoking and the effects of smoking for my later years. I tried a lot of ways to quit smoking but it seems really hard. It’s not about the nicotine or the temptation from other smokers, but I have to admit, sometimes I just want to get the feel of the smoking.


I came across an electric cigarette on the net and interested in trying it out. It’s said as an alternative to quit smoking method and although it will make you look like you’re smoking the real cigarette, in fact it doesn’t. From my readings, it seems like it’s more or less like a nicotine patch method but it gives you the same feel of smoking except there’s no smoke, meaning no danger to your lungs.

I’m really interested in trying this out. Need to know if there’s anyone out there who tried this before to quit smoking and how was the result?

  • hahaha,pelik2 je sekarang

  • ini sesuai untuk man (azman ishak)! ha3.
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  • hahahaha what ever it is both pun wasting money
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  • adL

    i'm using it now.. it taste great and i havent touch real cig for about a week now. bought from online seller.. nice fella.. price quite ok. for long term, u save money and gain health. btw, i've been smoking for about 20 years. haha.. dis is the blog i purchased the cig.

  • edy

    I've recently read about electric cigarette and it seem to be more dangerous than actual cigarettes…maybe another must have for those who're trying to quit smoking

  • Sure. I will never try this. Why? I'm not a smoker after all. :p

    • are you sure you are not a smoker? hahaha. i don't believe you at all =p

  • aik..camni pun ada..

  • bro.. pakcik dah banyak kali dah cube benti nie.. makan ubat (kalau titis ubat nie kat lidah.. korang boleh muntah kalau terbau rokok), p kaunseling (sebenarnya terpaksa p)…

    tapi kalau niat ngan hati korang tak kuat… korang akan tetap gak cari jalan tok merokok…

    p/s: masih ade niat skit2 nak benti rokok

  • haha..tapi masih lum ramai mahu berhenti rokok..

    • life4hire

      hehe..sbb diorang kaya raya kot ?

  • extremestanle

    Interesting…..but I think its great that you want to stop smoking. Get some close friends to keep tabs with your progress =D With enough willpower and support from friends I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Gambateh!

  • hope that it would not give you some electric shocks… haha

  • never heard about this..but still recommended stop smoking by fasting and prays.. why? because my friend can stopped smoking by doing these..

  • still recommended stop smoking by fasting and prays!

  • rokok apa ni bro ?

  • Nasrun

    Aku pun nak try la benti rokok… Cam best jer electric cigaratte ni..

    Paru-paru ni rasa dah penuh ngn asap…

  • bulan puasa tak lama lagi ni…. masa yg sesuai

  • samdaddycool

    Seems very interesting.. The hard part to quit smoking is not the nicotine, it is the feel of the smokes and the action of sucking the cig.. I admit, it is hard to leave the habit.

  • Oleg

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  • dah banyak gak jual menda nie..huhu

  • anackivan

    where can get diz cigarette?

  • Electroniccig

    I love his Product! It sure does not get any better than an electronic cigarette! It has helped me to quit tobacco smoking for good! I encourage to those who are looking for an effective & safe alternative smoking to give an electronic cigarette a try! 🙂

  • FMR

    Yam, mmg betul.. aku punye office mate die beli utk husband die and then dah totally quit skarang.. try lah… heheh..