Link building guide for your blog

Many of us have a blog and wrote great content but sometimes, it’s not reachable to targeted audiences. Search engines like Google loves unique content but sometimes, unique content is just not enough. There are other reasons why your blog is not getting traffic from search engines or people just can’t seem to find your blog or your post especially when you’re writing something that is too common or something that people hardly search for.

link building

A few reasons why people fail to get traffic from search engines are:

  • Poor link building for the blog
  • Blog not indexed properly in the search engines
  • Blog is not search engine optimized
  • Wrong keywords or highly competitive keywords

I just want to talk about link building as people tend to ignore this fact. Two main reasons for link building are to get traffic and for SEO purposes, which is to get higher ranking on search engine for certain keywords. By placing your link on other sites, you will get clicks from the visitors on the site to your site or blogs, which is the traffic link building. Also, by placing links with specific anchor text on other sites, it will also boost your search engine rankings for the keyword. In simple words, the more links you have from specific text, the more search engine thinks it’s relevant to your site!

So how do we start building links for our site? There are a few ways and I’m going to list out some of them.

  • Link exchange
  • Article writing
  • Buying text links
  • Directory submission
  • Leave comments on other people’s blog
  • Social bookmarking

There are other ways to build links to your blog and I’ll let you read more on them. If you’re looking for a nice resource on Link Building, you can check out for great articles and comprehensive guide on link building from A to Z.