Aion Online : The new MMORPG

If you’re a hardcore gamer and into massive multi player online role playing game or MMORPG for short, you must heard of Aion Online. I’m used to play MMORPG too, well kind of addicted to them for some time before I had to give up on gaming to concentrate on my job. Anyway, if you’re new to MMORPG, it’s like a normal role playing game. The difference is you’re playing it online and involving a lot of other users.

aion online

In Aion online, there are many types of characters that you can choose and build from. You can choose to be warriors, scouts, mages or priests. For each Aion classes, there are character specialization that you can choose. For instance, if you chose Warriors, you can further enhance your skills to be a templar or a gladiator. Each character specialization has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. You need to know how to build them and make them as powerful as it can be. The best part about role playing game is you’re building your own character to suit how you play and the purpose of your jobs and missions.

Usually, when playing MMORPG, you can create your own clan or join an alliance of players. Usually, you need to team up with several other online players to help you with a quest. If you already have a group of gamers that you know, you can start your own clan and work your way into Aion world. If you don’t know anyone playing Aion, you can checkout Aion forum to get new contacts and join the alliance. So, good luck to you in your Aion quests!