Blog advertising VS Web directories

I was looking for some additional information regarding web directories and how to optimize their usage for my upcoming blog post. While looking around on the net, I stumbled upon a nice article on blog advertising versus web directories.

I talked about promoting your blog using web directories in my previous post and this article currently discussing, what is the effective way to market your product. Is it using web directories or by using blog advertising. Well, it has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. According to the article, by using blog advertising, you will create an awareness of your product. For instance, by promoting your product through the blog post, blog readers won’t necessarily buy your product unless they feel it’s important for them but they might spread it out to their friends or suggesting it to their friends in case it came out in some of their conversations.

On the other hand, by using directories, people who has the needs or looking for the specific product will look into the directories for more information like the location of the product, the price and the benefits of using it. The article is just comparing the idea of two different types of product promotion, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use them both! You can also read on the article SEO tips including descriptive text and hyperlinks too. It will greatly help your cause in your product promotion.