Choosing a web hosting company

In my last article, I talked about the guide on how to choose a domain name. This time, I want to point you to an article on How to choose a webhosting company. As much as a good domain name is important for you and your business, a good web hosting company is also needed to ensure that your site is up and running fine, with limited downtime. This is important so that your customers can get the information anytime they want and from anywhere they are.


In the article, it stressed a few key points that you need to know and consider when choosing a website company. You can read the article for explanation on each key points but you can take a look at the lists of things that need to be considered below:

  • How long they have been in business
  • Who are their other clients.
  • How long is their uptime to downtime ratio?
  • What is the specification of the hosting packages like space, bandwidth, database limit, ftp accounts and other features. Is it worth for your money?
  • Do you need to pay for the support?
  • Do they offer free statistics and analytics?
  • Is there any hidden fees
  • Is there a scheduled backup for your sites?

There are other things that needs to be considered and all of them are explained in the article. So if you’re looking for a hosting, take your time to read the article first so that you will not make any mistakes and you will get what is worthy for your money.

  • awal2 berblog tak tahu bandwidth banyak mana..
    ingat awal2 berblog, selalu down..skrg tak lagi

    terimakasih serverfreak < ala2 iklan top tu :p

  • wah wah wah.. semakin galak menulis blog nih.. lepas ni kompem la
    PR meletup.. bleh tambah TNX hehehe…

  • I will start with a basic one first and then upgrade to a better package.