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Most of my friends are IT professionals and some of them are engineers in well known companies throughout the world This is mainly because of my job background in information technology and I can count how many of friends are law practitioners with my fingers. So if you’re looking for some connection with lawyers, I’m the person who you should ask for but at least, I can point you to a right direction.

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I just found a lawyer’s blog, particularly about Dallas Family Lawyer. It’s a blog owned by a law firm from Dallas. It’s not every day that you can see a law firm with it’s own blog. Well, for me, it’s a good thing. Mainly the blog content focuses on law news, cases handled and updates about the firm. I can’t remember if I ever stumbled upon a law firm blog but I have a lawyer friend that blogs personally, which sometimes makes me wonder if he practices law that much. Seems to me, he spent most of his time blogging about law than practicing it.

If you’re in Dallas and looking for a good dallas family lawyer, you should check them out. Looks like the law firm is an established and a well know firm which handles divorce cases excellently. I went through some of their blog entries and found some interesting cases like a lawyer planted a spyware into a man’s computer which is in the divorce process. The man’s wife is the law firm’s client and this is used to spy on the emails sent by the man to the law firm which represents him. Who says lawyers didn’t use technology that much?

Anyway, if you need divorce lawyers or a friend of yours in need of a good law firm, just think about “DALLAS FAMILY LAWYER“. If you find this piece of information or was a former client of the law firm, please feel free to leave comment in the comment section on your experience.