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File sharing on the web has been quite a trend these days. Bittorrent seems to lost it’s place and web based file sharing is rising. This is because of the factor that it’s hard to block these kind of services than bittorrent. One of the most popular web based file sharing site is The main problem with this is you can’t search the files uploaded by others. The answer is Uploading File Sharing General Search.

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File Sharing General Search can help you to find any files that are being hosted on Just like a normal search engine, you just need to put whatever files that you want and it will find it for you. The interface is very simple, even a kid can use it without any problem.

The File Sharing Search Engine is used for searching files that has been uploaded to the file sharing site. You can use normal search engine for that too but sometimes the search engine blocks that kind of results to protect copyrighted files. Using this service will make your life much more easier!