How to choose a domain name

There are many reasons people want to get a domain name. Some wants to establish themselves as a prominent figure on the internet, some wants to make money from selling the domain names, some wants get a shorter and a nice name for their personal websites and much more reason to get a domain name. Whatever the reason is, how do you choose a good domain name?


If you’re a blogger who wants to move to a self hosted blog platform like WordPress, you need a domain name. Usually, if you’re getting a domain name with your nick or name, you shouldn’t have too much trouble unless your name or nickname is too common. Probably it will be registered to someone else already. How about if you want to brand yourself or sell a product?

If that’s the case, I would love to point to a very informative article on How To Choose a Great Domain Name. The article will explain to you on how to choose a good domain name, whether you’re just starting a business or you’re already in the business, referring to company websites. It also explains that you can have a lot of domain names that point to the same site, the advantages and the disadvantages of it. The article talks about choosing domain name in general, it doesn’t teach you on how to register one yourself from the start. Remember, registering one is easy but choosing the right domain name is the hardest!

Frankly, I don’t know that the maximum characters allowed for a domain name is 26 characters, but I glad that I read the article. Now I know that the maximum characters for a domain name.