The Avatar deleted movie scene

If you haven’t watch Avatar, then you’re really have to go to the nearest cinema and enjoy the movie. Personally, I watched it 2 times, one time normal theater and another one is the Avatar 3D version. Superb movie by James Cameroon! I think it’s 2009 best movie in my list and it deserves the Oscar award.

Anyway, I found a document at which claims to be a deleted sex scene from the movie. I can’t verify whether it’s genuine or not, but from my opinion, it looks like it. It’s just a short one but seems like a real deal to me.

You can check out deleted Avatar sex scene at

  • While it is a great movie I do not believe it is Oscar material, simply because of the used storyline. Maybe the kickass graphics gave it the push. I rate Avatar 8/10, but I think it's a little overrated to be an Oscar favorite. 🙂

  • @Gallivanter why do u think it is over rated, it has all the essential matters which is required to win oscars