Looking for media hard disk storage

Since my collection of movies and TV shows are expanding, burning them to DVDs is not an option any longer. Most of the time, I will lost some of the DVDs and it really sucks when you can’t find the next few episodes of your TV series and have to download them all over again. Secondly, DVDs are not a reliable storage. You might scratch them and there goes the content!

I read a few reviews on media hard drive and I was just wondering if my readers have used and can recommend me a few brands and the pricing. Hopefully I can get one before Christmas! Not a bad idea for a Christmas present too. Anyone?

  • Interesting. To the end era of CD. ;p

  • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ terbaeekkk!!!!
    cuma .. tetap boleh rosak jugak
    dah 3 saya punya dah rosak. lagi banyak lost
    tapi saya buat backup pakai dvd yang disimpan sahaja

    • life4hire

      kalau ko mmg kaki download, kena guna drobo atau NAS yg lain…dia guna RAID..so kalau 1 hard disk rosak..ko leh tukar hard disk baru…data tak terjejas…

  • I have the same problem, burning movies on DVDs is not relevant anymore because it doesn't last long, use external hard drive like samsung is better now. Size around 320GB can get about 135 ringgit only.

  • yes, Samsung is more friendly use.
    Better buy few to save the different kind of things.
    More long last and save.