Computer stuff you need to know

Everybody knows the external computer parts like monitors, keyboards, mouse and the central processing unit or CPU. But do you know what’s inside the CPU? Here’s a quick introduction to the computer parts.

Basically if you open the CPU casing, you will see a large piece of board and a power supply. That’s what we call the motherboard or mainboard for some people. On this very board, we will place our graphic cards, processor, heat sinks, RAM and all other addon cards. Most of today’s motherboards will have everything pretty much embedded on it like network connection chipset, sound card chipset and wireless chipset.

There’s another part where you will see a row of slots that is used to extend the functionality of your motherboard. Older motherboards have PCI and AGP slots. Nowadays, the technology allows use to use PCI-express slots and compact PCI (cpci) slots for almost everything.

Some motherboards have built in graphic cards. This is enough to run your operating system like Microsoft Windows. But if you need to play a graphic extensive games, you probably need a dedicated graphic card. These days, you might need to purchase one that can be plugged to the PCI-express slot. Older computers will most likely use the AGP slot. And yes, I still have a perfectly running computer that uses the AGP slot but it’s just for surfing the net. It can’t possible be used to play any recent games anymore.