How small a computer can be?

I know everyone has a desktop computer right? How about a laptop? These days, both are considered not really mobile anymore, even for a laptop. They prefer to have ipads or other tablets to carry around instead of laptops in a bag.

Have you ever wondered how small a computer be? Don’t be surprised if I tell you that a powerful CPU can be made from less than 10cm x 10 cm motherboard? Still don’t believe it. It’s what we called COM or computer on module. Basically what makes COM really small is the board is being stripped down and uses the most up to date connectors and by removing old or legacy connections such as serial, ps/2 and PCI slots. Not only that, the board already has integrated LAN ports, RAM and graphic card chips. Complicated yet beautifully crafted boards are the key for COM.

For an example, COM Express™ basic is one best computer on module in the market. The latest model of COM Express can support dual core i3/i5/i7 from Intel along with Intel high definition audio on board, support for gigabit ethernet and integrated display support that boasts Intel HD3000/2000 chipset with 3D Blu-ray support. Don’t say you are not tempted with the idea of a personal desktop computer that can be put into a bag or replacing your current audio setup in your car for your in car entertainment?