eSecureData – The hosting that you can trust

I was trying to find a good hosting that I can trust for a client of mine. The project involves a lot of transactions on the server so it needs to be fast, like really fast. One of things that can speed up transactions or processes on servers are running on solid state drives or commonly known as SSD. Prices of SSD is pretty high these days and not much hosting really invested in SSDs unless they’re really serious about performances of their servers.

I’ve done some comparison on the internet and found an interesting article on cloud vs dedicated servers comparison. The article shows how dedicated server’s performance stacked up against cloud based solution. That’s where I found out about eSecureData hosting. Apart from dedicated servers, they also offering dedicated based solutions and as well as virtual servers.

With dedicated servers, you basically control a system of your own on the internet. You decide on how to manage your resources or how many servers you want to install on it. Basically there’s no limit on the resources except if it’s reaching the limitations of the server itself, not some other restrictions that was imposed by your hosting provider. Let me tell you a secret – running web based application on nginx based server coupled with php5-fpm & mysql on Ubuntu based installation is awesome. If you want to tweak it a little bit more, play around with memcached or varnish. You won’t be able to get to play around with this kind of things on your shared servers, you typically need access to virtual servers or dedicated servers in order to be able to do to that.

My advise is, if you want to get serious about your blogs or websites, you need to look into dedicated servers solution. Forget all the shared hosting out there. Those are for beginners. If you want to be really in control or make the push to the next level, you really need to get a dedicated server to weather the influx of traffic that is coming your way.