I’m just some guy you might have came across on the streets. Lurking around the net most of the time and working in IT related field. Started blogging since 2003 but usually it will be dead in 3 months, so I’m hoping that this will be my last blog. Blogs about my daily life, techs, my work experiences, my personal views on issues and other stuffs.

In a nutshell, I’m

  • in love with callister so damn much :XO:
  • supports Arsenal FC. Gunners for life !
  • working at a multinational company as the firewall elements manager.
  • I consider myself as an IT literate guy so I’m quite confident in computers and networking issues
  • I loved sharing my knowledge in forums. At the moment I’m active at forum SK.
  • Trying to make money off the internet. Refer here :$:
  • If you want to know me better, please refer to the contact page.
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