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DWG file extension

Have you ever heard of DWG file extension? I don’t think so. First for all, rest assured, it’s not a virus or trojan type file extension. File Extension DWG or also knows as AutoCAD Drawaing Database is file extension type used by AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a computer aided design software mainly used for designing and drafting 2D and 3D objects developed by Autodesk Inc.


AutoCAD software usually used by architects and engineering students for developing and designing models on automobiles, engines, buildings and others. Before AutoCAD uses File Extension DWG, it uses DXF file extension or also known as Drawing Exchange Format for saving files. Now DXF file extension is obsolete since it can only support ASCII and binary rendition. DWG file format is licensed by Autodesk and they release read/write applications to non competitors to open the files.

If you need to open File Extension DWG, there’s an application that is called XnView that can be used to open DWG file type. It’s mainly used for opening graphic file types but can also be used to open DWG files. Although DWG files is not really popular file types on the internet, but for engineering and architects students or professionals, this is a famous file type in their every day’s life.

Getting the most out of Direct tv

I talked about satellite TV a while ago comparing their services and our made in Malaysia satellite TV services of you know who. Anyway, many people come to ask this question. How much better and reliable dish TV compared to cable TV? Well, I’ll try my best to put your questions into the answers that you want.



There’s no doubt the satellite tv is the winner in this area. The fact that cable users are usually limited to urbans and suburbans area, while dish TV can be used even in the rural areas. Satellite TV doesn’t require expensive cabling cost that the cable providers will bear if they want to expand to rural areas. High cost without high returns means absolutely no chance for the rural areas to get paid channels.


The direct tv packages are cheap compared to the cable providers and is very competent. Plus, you have real HDTV experience when using satellite connection instead of cable TV. The picture and sound quality of dish TV is much clearer and better than cable TV. There’s no doubt about packages offered by direct tv.


Channel programming

The channels offered by direct tv programming ranges from few packages and totals up to 265 different channels with HDTV experience and at unbeatable price. Cable TV can’t compete with that many channels and not all of them supports HDTV. Furthermore, with a little upgrade cost, you can record the shows that you love or missed.

From what I can see, dish TV is gaining ground and it’s a tough competitor for the cable TV provider. Soon in the future, it might become the most sought service anywhere. You can watch TV, connect to internet and practically, you can do it wherever you are because it’s using the satellite connection! Remember to carefully read the terms before subscribing to any service!

Do you have P1 Wimax?

I don’t know how many of you out there who already has P1 Wimax at their homes. I just subscribed P1 Wimax last week and I’m going to write a short review on my experience so far. If you guys never heard of P1 Wimax, Packet One is the first company to offer Wimax in Malaysia. Wimax is a technology based on wireless but implemented for a larger area like a town or larger area. This gives a wireless internet connectivity and portable wireless access at a larger scale. Enough of the introduction, let’s go into my experience with P1 Wimax so far.


Setting up the connection.

Connecting to P1 Wimax access point is very simple. Get the router unit out of the box, power it up and connect the cable to the LAN port of your computer. Make sure it’s set to DHCP and it will get an IP address from the P1 Wimax router. No need to set up any password as it will connect to the nearest access point automatically.

If you have trouble in getting the signal from an access point, locate the nearest access point from P1 Wimax website and make sure you face the router to the location. Usually people tend to put the unit near their windows but it doesn’t really make a difference unless it’s facing the access point. This is from my experience, feel free to let me know if there’s any other method that you find useful.

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Getting your own Cisco devices

I’m a Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP in short. Many people doesn’t know what CCNP is unless they’re in networking stuff too. Although I’m a CCNP holder, currently I’m managing Checkpoint firewalls for my company and for that, I have to take Checkpoint Certified Security Advisor or CCSA and I’m looking to further my certification in Checkpoint by taking Checkpoint Certified Security Expert or CCSE sometime this year, hopefully. At the mean time, my CCNP certification will expire in this coming November so I have to resit for an exam for that too. That’s too much too handle I guess.


When you’re switching from a router/switch guy to a firewall guy, there’s a lot of things changing in your life. Before this, I learned a lot about routes, ip addressing, Cisco router and switch commands, but now I’m more exposed to Checkpoint System commands, Unix and Nokia devices commands and other security stuff. When you’re too attached with something like me at the moment, you will tend to forget what you have learned in the past. This is what happened to me. I need to get my knowledge in Cisco Systems polished again before I sit for the recertification exam.

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