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How to quickly rename files in Windows

I admit it was a lazy post yesterday. I’m sure you can accept that. Sometimes when you didn’t manage to update your blog for sometime, it will be hard to start back. I know I have the same problem. The solution is simple, put one or two lazy post and you’ll get back to the usual rhythm. Sometimes I was blogging at the other site which is Enough of the crap. Let’s learn how to quickly rename files in Windows. It’s a simple one but I’m sure not many people know about this. Please prove me wrong :grin:.

How to rename files in Windows ?

There’s are 3 simple ways you can do to rename a file in Windows.

  1. Right click on the file name and select rename.
  2. Select the file you want to rename and press F2
  3. Select the file you want to rename, click File at the explorer bar and you will see rename there.

how to rename file in windows

how to rename file in windows

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Use to check site is down or not

I once wrote about a site that can help you check if your site is down or up in case you can’t access it. This is important to know if you’re the only one having the problem or there are others having the same problem. One of the most common thing that could be the reason is your ISP is blocking the connection to the website. If you guys missed the post, read my last post titled “How to check if your site is down

Yesterday, I got a comment from someone on that post. He/she is using the nick isthatsitedown and apparently he/she is promoting his own service of checking if your site or blog is really down or it’s just a problem that you’re having and no one else is experiencing it. The service is called Is that site down which you can check out at


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Quick tips and tricks for the new year !

Ripping mp3 from online video site easily 1.Go to 2. Put the url of the video site that you want to rip such as Youtube or Metacafe and click download. After the conversion complete, you will see the download mp3 link below it. Depending on the video size, it usually instant for a music video.


3. Download the mp3 or share it with your friends


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How to make a screen shot in Windows Media Player

On my last post for How to take a screenshot, one of my loyal readers, Miss Adila is getting headaches when she’s trying to get screenshots from Windows Media Player. I know a lot of people getting this problem right? Whenever you tried to take a screenshot of your favourite scene on Windows Media Player, whether while it’s running or paused, it always gave you black screen when you pasted it on Paint. So what do you do ? Switch to another player and get screen shot from the other player? Well, let me help you on how to make screen shot on Windows Media Player.

A sample of the black screen :


Ir’s true that there are 3rd party softwares that can do the trick but I prefer the built in internal solution or a free way to do it. So here’s step by step on how to do it.

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