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How to make a print screen ?

The topic sounds lame…I know. But let me try to help you guys with some things on making print screens that you might never know or ever heard of. Let’s go !

Using Windows Print Screen

This is the most basic print screen method that you can get. First of all, you need to know the print screen button on your keyboard. It should say something like PRNT SCRN or Print Screen. It might be different on some keyboards too. This is one of the example.


You can refer to Google Images for more types and varieties of Print Screen button on your keyboard !

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Increasing your blog traffic part 2

In my last article, I talked about Entrecard right? I hope my last article on entrecard has served you well. I hope you’re enjoying traffic increase from entrecard to your blog/site. If you have any question regarding entrecard, let me know in the comments or you can use the contact me page to send your questions. Without further delay, let’s go to the next part.

To start the second part, let me remind you this is the way I’m getting my traffic from. There’s no exact science in getting traffic from me because I’m no expert in blogging but I’m sharing what I do to get more traffic. With that in mind, let’s proceed to the next part on getting more traffic to your blog. This time I’m going to talk about news aggregator.

What the hell is news aggregator?

Basically it’s a site where you can publish or submit your blog entry or content so that it can reach higher views or a larger audience. Famous sites such as received a lot of visitors everyday so if you content is useful to them, most likely more people will view your blog. Usually news aggregator site will have voting systems. If they like your articles, they will vote you up so that your site will be on top of the list and most likely you’ll have much more views if you’re at the top. To make it simple, more votes will get you more views !

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How to check if your site is down ?

Hi guys, we meet again this time around. Since I don’t have much time here, I just want to make a quick update on one of most useful site (or it’s better pronounce as service) that I just found. This service is called Ding, it’s up (let’s just call it DIU for short) . Sounds funny right? Wait till you see what it really does. Keeping your blog up is important to keep your traffic coming and it’s also important to take note when your blog went down or back up again so that you can take action for it.

So what is DIU ?

Have you ever received a complaint or comment from your readers saying your blog was down even when you didn’t notice it in the first place? Or maybe if that someone was close to you or they know you personally, you might ended with a phone call or a SMS…yeah..I DID ! So this is when DIU comes handy.

DIU is a service that can check your site or your blog and let’s you know if it’s down. What’s much more better, it will also tell you when you site/blog is up again. From the DIU’s website:

Ding It’s Up is a free service that alerts you via text (SMS), twitter or email when a website goes down or when it comes back up. We will never send you a text/email unless it is to inform you about a website you requested information for – you can unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to talk to us just email us at – Thanks!

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Email from Google and package from Canonical

As you can see, I’ve been running Google Adsense for quite some time now. And about last month, finally I managed to get the minimum USD10 before I can request the PIN number from Google. The purpose of Google sending the PIN number using snail mail is to verify your address so that if you request checks from them, the check will arrive safely to it’s destination (in other words, safely delivered to your hands).

At the same time too, I requested the new Ubuntu 8.10 CD. I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu and their development for about 3 years now (although I’m not using Ubuntu that much) but it’s been helpful in repairing computer problem and making backups of the hard disk in case the operating system crashed (anybody interested to know about this?). For the people interested in Ubuntu, you can download the ISO or you can request the CD and they will ship it to your for FREE!

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