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How to put corner screen widget on your blog?

On my last entry on Why I Just Hate, I received quite a comment. Maybe it’s my lucky day, Am from came to visit and left a comment on this blog.

Basically he wanted to know how to put corner screen widget (actually I don’t know what it’s called) like my RSS feed button on the top right of my blog.


So Am, here’s the tutorial that you wanted ! It’s a simple one, so don’t be surprised how simple it can be.

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How to optimize blog loading time part 2

It’s been a while since I made the post on “How to optimize blog loading time part 1”. Since I was too busy with my daily work and busted my weekends with soccer games and sleep overdose, I managed to squeeze some time to work this out. :cool:

Last time I showed you how to use Tools Pingdom, this time is much more easier. We’re going to use a page that can time you blog loading page for a few times and this way you can test if you blog load consistently. The website that I want to share this time is called Web Wait. Without further delay, let’s get started.:halo:

Go to

The interface that you will should be like this. If you see something other than that, most likely you went to the wrong address.


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Inserting Adsense Code To Your Blog Post

First of all, I would like to thank Nasrun for giving me a feedback on my Adsense placing in my blog post and he wanted to know how I manage to do it? This is what I expect from my readers. The purpose of the comment on my blog is to give feedback and I really appreciate Nasrun’s comment on this. Other readers, if you want to know any tips or tutorial, ask away and I will be glad to write one (provided I have time to do it). Well, as I promised, this is the tutorial on how to do it. Actually, it’s pretty simple.


The trick

Actually, the trick is playing some CSS and div layer tag in your theme file. In this case, I only put my Adsense code in single post file. Go to your theme and edit the file that you want your Adsense code to appear. In this case, usually it will be index.php or single.php.

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Blog down sucks !

If you guys happened to visit this blog in the last 24 hours, you might have ended in a tight situation. Either it’s down completely or you might ended with no post at all although the layout are there.

If you checked my plurk at the sidebar, you will notice that I told about the blog is down currently due to a suspected database issue which I have no control with. In the end, I have to shoot a hate email to my hosting to check the problem.

All of my database are still there but somehow it can be pulled by the WordPress blog. Since I’m not an expert on databases (actually I hate doing databases), so I’m leaving it there for the hosting technician to check it out.

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