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How to optimize blog loading time part 1

I know website optimization is an important thing is maintaining a blog or a website. I have a lot of complaints last time from the readers that my blog has a slow loading time and I hope that now it’s fixed. Well, the problem is mainly from the pictures that I put on the shareapic host which pays me for every unique visit.

Does this mean I ditched out shareapic all together ? Nope, instead I took a work around for it. I place my image on my hosting but I linked the picture to my shareapic gallery. This way, the first time it loads, it will load it from my hosting but when my visitors click it for the full view, it will redirect to shareapic site.

So, how do I found out that shareapic is causing all the slow time load? Well, I used 2 websites to help me on that. Let’s start with the first website in this part and I’ll show you the other in the other part.

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HITB Security Conference 2008

Hack in the box (famously known for HITB) is back with it’s security conference in Malaysia. The security conference called HITB Sec Conf 2008 was hosted every year in Malaysia. Last year, HITB Sec Conf 2007 it was at hosted at Hilton KL.


HITB Sec Conf 2008 will be hosted at The Crowne Plaza Mutiara in Kuala Lumpur. It starts on 27th October 2008 until 30th October 2008. Below is the details of the agenda :

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Blogspot : How to avoid your blog from being flagged

I know some of the guys out there who’s still using blogspot as their blogging platform. I also used blogspot some time ago for my blog but now I have moved on to wordpress.


The problem with blogspot is your content is owned by Google as well as your blog’s ass. The most annoying feature on blogspot is the navigation bar. The greatest upset that the navigation bar could cause to you is your blog been flagged by your competitors, enemies, foes or cyber punks.

So how do we avoid this? I will show you a trick to hide your navigation bar.

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Malaysia Today hacked again ?

I don’t know if this is called hacked or what..because I’m not familiar with Joom la..but I just noticed this when I tried to access Take a look at my screenshot !!


I just typed the usual URL and I was redirected to the page. Not sure if the admin was upgrading it and automatically redirect itself which I doubt it. Further down, you will see the permission for the installation. If I were to install the Joomla…I think I can !!


Just curious…am I the one missing something here. I was out all day long yesterday and haven’t sign it to Internet yesterday. One day on the Internet..there’s a whole  lot of things can change.. :mad: