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Getting into SAP field

If you’re in IT or any related computer field, you probably heard that SAP jobs are one of the highest paying job in the industry. But what is SAP and how do someone can get involved in the SAP?

sap jobs

SAP SE is a company that was started by 5 former IBM employees back in 1972. Now SAP that stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing has 293,500 customers in 190 countries all over the world. It is used by big corporation and multinational companies as part of standard infrastructure.Over the years, SAP grew so big and started to acquire more companies to be a part of it. Until today, the list of companies bought over by SAP reached 59 companies.

So if you’re looking for SAP jobs, the best place to start is At this website, there’s a subsection that lists all available SAP jobs. You can use the search button. You have the option to choose the job type either permanent or on contractual basis. There’s also an option to provide your expected minimum salary based on month or per annum and the country you’re interested in. You can also list all the companies that is offering the jobs alphabetically.

Not only that, on this particular website, there’s also sections for e-courses. The perfect place for you to start venturing into the SAP field. There’s a wide range of courses catered for anyone interested in SAP and the course starts at as low as USD5 per course. The courses offered are varied from beginners to a more advanced level SAP users or administrators.

For SAP professionals, there’s also a section for SAP tips and SAP objects search. This is pretty helpful for quick references rather than searching the internet for it.

Overall, is a good place to start if you want to venture into SAP, one of the most exciting and rewarding career in IT industry.

Cheap car season

I know the world is in recession now and a lot of people are getting laid off. Economy experts around the world predicted that the recession will last longer than 2009, maybe will ending slowly in 2010. Well, I know you might heard wordings like another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For a lot of people, this is the time of disaster. For some other people, this is the time of golden opportunities and a great time to start spending.


If you look closely around you, people needs money to live and to buy necessaries for living. Money are needed for foods, clothes and shelter. In order to get money, they need to trade or to sell something. If you look around, you will see there’s a lot of advertisement on cars for sale, houses for sale, lands for mortgaged as well as antics for auctions. This is the best time to buy something provided if you have the cash.


Since houses and condominium are still considered as assets and also considered as basic necessities, people tend to let go something they can live without. Usually they start to let lavish things like jeweleries and vehicles. In case you’re wondering why there are some many used car sales in these days, you got your answers now. If you have some money spared or saved after a long employment, this is the time you can buy the car that you really wanted in a long time. You might get as low as 50 percent from the original price! What a nice price tag for a dream car right?

To make sure you get the best deal for your dream car, do a quick survey to several car dealers. I prefer to go to several locations whether it’s a big car supermarket or a small time car dealers. This way you can compare how they big players and the small dealers play the price war. At this time of the year, you’re the one of the wisest to buy a car and absolutely a winner. The main question now, how much more you can save from the deal and the quality of the car you will get !

Understanding risks for small business loans and financing

Although I believe I have a great job and stable earning every month, but I always have a dream to have my own business. Right now, I’m a firewall specialist in Checkpoint products as well as dealing with Cisco products, I believe that someday I will call it a day and quit my job to run my own business.

I haven’t decided on the nature of the business that I will have in the future; maybe I will open a consultation company or completely take another path which totally not related to computers and information technology at all. I’m sure everyone dreams to have their own company and be the boss, but it’s not a simple thing to do.

One of the uphill tasks that people find difficult is not the nature of the business, but the starting capital for the company. Office lease, employees’ salary and the bills each month could be hard on some people. Sometimes people think they had saved enough to survive all this but they’re mistaken.

One way to overcome this problem as well as planning to expand your business can be achieved by getting loans from banks, Business Loan Financing Companies or external financing from banks or other financial institution but without an expert in the field, it’s the same digging your own grave or lead your empire to disaster unless you have a reliable financial adviser.

Understanding the issues surrounding small business loans and business financing becomes easier with Jon M Queen, a well-known financial analyst. Know more about Jon Queen’s profile through his blog.

Looking for job at the time of crisis?

I know a lot of people are worried about getting sacked at the time when the economy is having a crisis. No matter how big or small the company is, when the whole wide world is having an economic crisis, such domino effect will affect companies all over the world. Take my company for an instance.

I work in a multinational oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. Although we’re know as one of the giants in the industry, we also feel the effect in certain regions especially in the United States. Although I’m lucky and still hanging on here in Malaysia, but there’s no guarantee.

But as people say, one man’s pain is another man’s gain. The decision to terminate a skilled person from the company will open a window of opportunity to other company to get a skilled person at a bargain. This time of the year, headhunters from various Executive Search Firms will hunt skilled people that lost their jobs to be recruited into various other company and industry which has less impact on the world economy crisis.

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