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What ex-Google employees said about working with Google

First of all, sorry because it’s been some time since this blog was updated. The workload at the office is just hectic and just too much to bear. A lot of concentration needed at work thus less time can be spent blogging and making tutorials for you guys. And I wonder if there’s anyone missing me. I know, less entry means less things to be read right?

I know many of us dreamed about working with a big company. Bigger company means bigger pay right? But what about job satisfaction or working environment? I did blog about Googleplex which is the Google headquarters some time ago. I also blogged about my workplace but it’s nowhere to be compared with Googleplex. So do you know if your friends are working with Google or have experienced working with them in the past?


Today is your lucky day. I have a thread email about ex-employees working with Google. This is a long one so better prepared to read it!

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Job opening : Designers wanted !!

Got this from my Yahoo Messenger ( as always ). So I’m forwarding it to my readers who’s interested.

Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, 3d artist, Account Executive and Account Manager.Please call Kathryn 03-7729 9688 or email ur resume to

Disclaimer : I don’t know the person or the company name, just sharing it with you guys.

Good luck in applying for the job. All the best from me !! :lol:

First Indonesian comment on my blog !!

This is the first time I got an Indonesian guy (gurl hopefully) commented on my blog. It was on the post “Gambar Panas Mulan Jameela & Ahmad Dhani + Maia Ahmad“. I hope he’s still coming to my blog now and then. :razz:

Anyway, this is the comment from him. Anyone care to translate it? Though I kinda know what he’s trying to say but I prefer someone could translate it to me. My Indon is really bad…not watching enough Indonesian movies I guess.


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:down: buat pengemar dhani….sory ya gua mong kasar.soalnya gua nek bnget kalo liat dhani.tau knapa….karna tu orang tu blagu..mau nya menang sndiri…acung jempol buat…si cantik MAIYA ESTIANTI…gua kan dukung lo trus,,yang tabah ya mba maiya…. :oops: santai ja semua tu jalan TUHAN..liat kedepan aja siapa yang akn menang dalam segalanya””SPESIAL BUAT SI PEREK WULAN JAMILA”’DASAR PEREK MURAHAN..GA TAU TERIMAKASIH…GA TAU MALU…MUKA ANJING LU,,,,Spesial doa buat mba maiya….semoga TUHAN BERIKAN YANG TERBAIK UNTUK MBA.BUAT DHANI GUA CMAN MU BILANG MAKASIH DAH BISA BUAT MBA MAIYA SEDIH DLM HATI….PKOKNYA DALAM MSALAH NI POKOK PERMASALAN TU SEMUA DARI WULAN DAN PANTESNYA DI SBUT ANJING LO…..THANKS,,,,,SORY BUAT FANSNYA DHANI….GUA NGEJEK FANS KM

p/s : I think this guy is really pissed off with Ahmad Dhani…he’s even writing the comment in CAPS letters…LOL :vangry:

Googleplex : The life in Google HQ

Today I just want to share the life at Googleplex. Googleplex is the Google HQ which is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, near San Jose, USA.

If you see the work environment for the Google employees, you’ll be amaze how they can be like this. It’s like all play no work. Yeah, I wish that too.

At my work place, we have a pantry with lots of supplies for food, 2 microwaves (one for halal and one for non-halal). But it’s nothing compared to what Google has for their employees. Still doubtful ? Look at these pictures !! :XO:

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