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How to choose a laptop

Computing world evolved faster than we expected and there are a new product on the line everyday and sometimes this can be quite confusing. One of the most popular product in the computer market is the laptops. For some, there’s no need for one but for others, they really need one but how do they make the wise choice? Here’s a general guide on how to choose a laptop.


Do I need a laptop?

This is the most important point of all. If you need portability, need to work on different places, always traveling and needs to be working on the go, you definitely need a laptop. Otherwise, save your money and buy a desktop computer.

Work or leisure?

It’s true that some laptops are able to be a portable gaming station since the specification are really high, but do you need really need one? Most laptops can be used for office works, surfing the internet, play movies and listen to mp3, but if you need to play high end graphic games, go get a desktop. No need for wasting money on really high end laptops just to play games unless you’re damn rich! And if you just want something really small, really portable, just to surf the internet and listening to songs, you can just get a netbook.

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Driving in Spain

I still remember how we used to hire a car to go to faraway places because a lot of us doesn’t own a car and I was always the designated driver. I’m not really sure why, maybe because they feel safe with me as the driver. I was known as someone who can be entrusted with a hired car and although I’m fast with cars, I’m also a very careful driver. That means I only driver faster when there’s a need and safe to do so, but not on corners or dangerous places. This reminds me of a friend of mine who travelled to Spain recently.


He decided to drive in Spain because there are a lot of places to go and hiring a car is rather cheap because he’s traveling along with a small group of friends. He booked the car online just by googling car hire spain and he managed to find the best deal there. They picked the car at the airport although there are many other choices to pick the car but they saved the hassle by sending the car straight to the airport and the journey begins from there.

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Thicker Business Cards Stand Out in Crowd

Open your desk drawer or wallet and pull out a business card – any business card will do and this is not the start of a conjuring trick!

I want you to feel the card – how does it fit with your fingers; does it feel robust; does it say, “I’m good quality” or is it simply a floppy piece of card with some numbers on it?  Ask yourself seriously if it looks and feels right and now ask if it could be better!


Of course it can be better but so often business cards are relegated to low priority when it comes to design and quality and yet these little pieces of paper and card are working for your business and your image 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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Looking for discount shoes online?

Some of my close friends will know my obsession for shoes and some of my blog readers do as I once posted about it on the blog. I just love looking at shoes that people wear and admire the craftsmanship of the shoes. Being a shoe lover and a sportsman (I would love to think I’m one of them although I don’t have much time to do sports nowadays), I have a few athletic shoes for daily wearings especially basketball shoes and some sneakers for weekend outings.


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