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What’s the deal with Cuban cigars?

I’m a hardcore smoker and I have to admit it although I don’t really like the idea of sounding like I’m proud of it. Anyway, I’m in the process of quitting and it’s a long one though. I can just stop buying and smoking but I don’t really love the idea of my body getting shocked in the first place, so I think I’m going to try the hard way first. Enough about me quitting smoking. I have a few friends that don’t smoke but they surely enjoy the pleasure of smoking Cuban cigars which I don’t really get it.


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Pool tournament is here again !

Since I’m with my current company, we had a lot of activities planned out each year for team building. It’s a big multinational company and with different departments with so many people working remotely and separately. By planning out activities such as sports tournament annually, we can close the gaps and getting know old and new friends. One that I’m always keen of (and have a shot at winning) is the pool tournament. Every year, they will give out like RM200 worth of Isetan voucher  and  a mcdermott pool cue for the winner ! The best placing I got is 2nd place for the doubles category. Singles is so damn hard because there are a lot of good players to beat.


The venue of the tournament is usually at a pool bar somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. This year, the venue is at The Mines shopping center. Since it’s a public pool bar, so I don’t really expect the pool tables are in a really top condition but what I’m really worried about is the pool cues. Usually, it’s under really bad condition and apart from the table needs to be in top condition, the pool cue needs to be in a good shape too. Usually, the cues will decide the outcome of the game. If you really a skilled player, you will know that bad pool cues will make you fail to hit the balls properly or will affect how the balls are placed after you hit the balls.

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Planning a company function

This year my boss handled me a very difficult task. I was asked to plan an outing for the whole team this year. We do this annually and this year, it is my duty to make it happen. Of course I’m not alone in this task but suffice to say, I will lead the team who manages the event this year. I’m determined to make it the most happening event this year. Last year it was help in Sunway Lagoon and it was boring. Sorry guys but I felt like I’m back to kindergarten at the event. So as usual, what I do is to research online and getting an online event planning to gather some ideas. I found a good resource at  a website called Los Angeles Event Planning.


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Should I Hire Home Removal Services ?

On my last post, I was talking about my plan moving out of my current house. Frankly, looking at my stuffs in the room, all my clothes in my wardrobe, my computers, my home decorations and my collection of posters, somehow I feel tired just to think about it. How many days will I be sacrificing to pack all of them into boxes and labeling them before I move it to another location. That’s just the beginning and in the end, I have to unpack all of them and arrange them all back to the new room. This makes me thinking, whether it would be better for me to get a removal company and hire them to do all the removals ?


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