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Planning to move out soon

I’m planning to move out soon. What I mean is I’m planning to move out from my rented house and not my hosting. I didn’t have any final decision on the hosting yet but still considering it at the moment. What I’m thinking of moving out at the moment is to move out from my current house. My roommate is moving out soon and currently I’m stuck with the high rent alone and although I still can afford it, I think that money is wise to be spent at other things.


The hardest thing in moving is packing your stuffs. I lived in the house for 4 years now and considering from the start of my university days, you can be sure there’s a lot of things to be moved. That’s why I need a lot of Moving Boxes to pack my stuff before I called the apartment movers to transport my things. Imagine how many things that I need to pack and move it to a new location. For starters, I have a large wardrobe, a single bed, 2 laptops, 1 desktop, a table and a chair, a few boxes of my old stuff that I hardly touched and other things that is too long to be listed.

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Accepting credit card to boost online sales

A few years ago, I always believe that selling on internet is the way to go and I still do now. I’m not saying that selling offline is not profitable but let’s face the fact that the cost of opening store offline is much more than opening a store online. Furthermore, the target audience is smaller than online and you’ll get stiffer competition on the products you’re selling unless your product is really unique. Most online web stores have one problem in common, they can’t accept credit card processing for purchases and this surely limits their ability to rake a lot of profits.


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Artificial fake trees for sale?

I was looking stuff to sell and buy as usual on ebay. Although I don’t really active in selling or buying but occasionally I do some shopping online. And while looking across the stuff in ebay, I came across some products on artificial trees. I know that it’s not really a big thing or a Nobel price breakthrough, but what surprises me is how high the price is in ebay!


I have a friend that is crazy for bonsais. Well, for me that’s not a very shocking news because I know a lot of people love to bonsai trees. Even in the old Chinese empire, they keep doing bonsai for hobbies and filling their spare times. Yeah, I know. You’ll probably just say that they don’t have internet or video games, so they opted for bonsai instead.

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Make money with blogging

There are a lot of ways for making money from the internet. And this is not really a detailed post on how to make money from internet but nevertheless, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, if you know what I mean. Internet is a wide world of opportunities and let this post be one of the window of the opportunities.

One way to make money from internet is through paid posts or sometimes called sponsored review. Blog Advertising is a very popular method these days to market a product or a service. There’s always supply and demand on the internet. Although the world is having world economy crisis but I can see lower impact on the internet. I’m not an expert but I can see that people are still earning as much as they were earning before the world economy crisis.

Buy blog reviews is on of the service that offers blog advertising. If you have an English blog with a PR preferably, you can always make money from it. Here’s a screenshot of such payments from them.


Click the picture for bigger view. Don’t laugh at USD 0.70. I know it’s not much but they do pay! That the most important thing. There’s a lot of scammers on the internet so you need to beware. So guys, if you want to join and start earning, you can register here.