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Bad Credit Debt Consolidation

I know there’s a lot of people having bad credit debt problem. Some people have bad credit mortgages, some have bad credit home loans, some have bad credit insurance and other bad credit problems. Most of all, it came down to our own fault for starting it in the first place and some cases are not their entire fault at all. Usually the problem is with bad money management and over estimation of our spendings. Having said that, I also have problems in spending (who doesn’t) and what’s done is done but how do we erase bad credit ?

Pay your bills and don't get bad credit

People thought there’s no way we can do this. For most people, they will pay their credit card debts with personal loans and then use their money to pay the loans. Not really a convincing method but it works for some people but that’s not a solution for everyone. Some people are really particular about every penny of their spendings and earnings and these people usually opted for legal credit repair.

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Funny blonde jokes for your Monday

People, close your eyes and imagine this. It’s Sunday night and tomorrow is already Monday as we all know, the start of a new week. How lazy we are to start Monday morning with the imagination of the good times we had over the weekend and how much work waiting for us on Mondays. I just hate to start my Monday morning since I know all the work that is waiting for me. So I need to find something to cheer me up and take my mind off things for a while. The best way and the simplest way (and also free) is to find rude blonde jokes online.


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My dream New York vacation

I believe that I’m a hardworking person and very committed to my job. My proof is very simple. I have an allocation of 21 vacation days every year and I still have a balance of 14 days from my last year’s allocation. Furthermore, with a small team of people, it’s hard to take any leaves when another person is already on holiday. Sometimes, when there’s too much work, we need to cancel our vacation planning and concentrate on the work that’s on the way. As troublesome as it is, I still love my job but sometimes I think I really need to get away from all the workloads and clear my mind off things, go somewhere far away to rest my mind, maybe something like getting holidays new york.


Getting a new york city breaks is not as simple as it sounds. It’s far away from Malaysia and I heard the visa for visits to America is quite hard to get these days. That’s the same reason I was denied the opportunity to have my job training in Houston, Texas. Still, New York is a definitely a place to visit some day. What’s in New York City that might be interesting to go? Well, first of all, we have the Times Square where there are more than 45 Broadway theaters with annual ticket sales of half a billion US dollars.

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Unique belt buckles for you

I’m a fan of Fox Network TV series titled Bones. The leading character is David Boreanaz as FBI Agent Seeley Booth and Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan or Agent Booth loves to call Bones. The main story revolves around FBI solving complex murder cases with the help of Brennan as the anthropology expert to identify and get clues about a murder cases from the forensics. This is a very nice show for the people who wants to get out from the Crime Scene Investigation series. Anyway, back to the point, I always love Booth’s belt buckles. He wears an engraved belt buckle with the wording “Cocky”. Here’s a scene of Booth wearing the belt buckle.


Ops, I guess it’s not really noticeable right. Here’s a closer look on the belt buckle.


So as usual, I fired up my firefox and look for the cocky belt buckle to buy it online. After unsuccessful attempt at Ebay, I tried googling and found this great site. Hot Buckles offered a wide range of belt buckles, belts, sun glasses, cuff links, bracelets and other personal accessories on their online store. The items are sorted nicely in the related categories and you can easily browse the items through the links at left. The layout is simple and efficient. If you can’t find the items by browsing the categories or too lazy to look one by one, you can just use the search option to find your item. The belt buckle designs are really unique and impressive. I don’t think you can find any of the belt buckles sold there in the local stores.

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