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The busy week(s)

The past 2 weeks, I’ve been burdened by lots and lots of work and there’s no room for me to write something in the blog. When I blog, I really want to write my views and my thoughts. When I want to write something, I want it to be something that is pretty decent for my readers to read. Thank God I have some little time to write now and it looks like the coming weekend will not be a busy one for me.

During the past 2 weeks, RPK was arrested and I think it’s pretty late for me to write more on it and there’s not much progress about RPK and the sedition least until the trial in October.But speaking of RPK, someone else is picking on him about the article he posted in Malaysia-Today. It seems that this someone “bikin panas” with RPK’s cousin. Refer to RPK’s article on Malaysia Today for this.

Last but not least, enjoy this video from Youtube.From one of my favourite Indon band…Jikustik. I’ve also included the lyrics.

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Too Damn Busy

I was busy the whole week and today’s Friday. But i still can’t shake off works from my day. Damn it..i wish i could spend some time updating the blog but it’s useless. Too much work..too little time to do it..

Hope next week will be different. Crossing fingers !!