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Last task for blog contest !

Finally, the last task for my blog contest is here. The last blog contest task is very simple. Just subscribe to my RSS feed ! That’s all that you need. After that, you just have to leave a comment here saying you already have subscribed to my RSS feed. I will give 1 point for a comment and you’re automatically running for final draw. No comments, no points and that means no entry !Just make sure you include your valid email so that I can contact you if you’re the lucky winner.

I will not know if you subscribed to my RSS feed or not. Yes, you can cheat by leaving comment there but subscribing to my feed will have advantages. I will share free downloads from time to time that I will not publish in my post and exclusively available for my RSS subscribers. Take a look at the screenshot below.


There’s a link to a free download Webroot Desktop Firewall worth USD 19.95. I never publish this on any of my post, just exclusive for my RSS readers ! So What are you waiting for? Subscribe to my RSS feed now ! For those who have subscribe earlier, if you can’t see the link then you need to update the RSS link.

Points for the contest have been updated. You can check it out at the latest points page. With this, the contest will be closed at 15th May 2009 at 8 PM GMT+8. (8 PM Malaysian time) and the winners will be announced when the winners will be announced after the draw. Total points calculated and bonus points awarded will be announced at winner’s announcement post.


Planning a company function

This year my boss handled me a very difficult task. I was asked to plan an outing for the whole team this year. We do this annually and this year, it is my duty to make it happen. Of course I’m not alone in this task but suffice to say, I will lead the team who manages the event this year. I’m determined to make it the most happening event this year. Last year it was help in Sunway Lagoon and it was boring. Sorry guys but I felt like I’m back to kindergarten at the event. So as usual, what I do is to research online and getting an online event planning to gather some ideas. I found a good resource at  a website called Los Angeles Event Planning.


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Should I Hire Home Removal Services ?

On my last post, I was talking about my plan moving out of my current house. Frankly, looking at my stuffs in the room, all my clothes in my wardrobe, my computers, my home decorations and my collection of posters, somehow I feel tired just to think about it. How many days will I be sacrificing to pack all of them into boxes and labeling them before I move it to another location. That’s just the beginning and in the end, I have to unpack all of them and arrange them all back to the new room. This makes me thinking, whether it would be better for me to get a removal company and hire them to do all the removals ?


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File Extension WPD

File extension WPD can be quite tricky sometimes. The WPD file extension sometimes are used as the extension to save audio files by a program called Saw Studio, but commonly used as a file extension for word processing document by Corel Word Pecfect. Corel Word Perfect are very famous in the early days of computers before it was dominated by Microsoft Word which uses .doc file extension. The reason why it was famous because Corel Word Perfect can be used on multi platform operating system like Linux, Mac OS, BSD and Atari. In earlier version of Corel Word Perfect, the other extensions used are .wp, .wp7, .wp6, .wp5, .wp4, and in the early days, it doesn’t use any extension at all.


Where File Extension WPD is used ?

WPD file extension are used widely in Corel Word Perfect and other word processing program since it was de facto standard in the early days before the domination of Microsoft Office. In Saw Studio, it was used to save files containing wave audio format.

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