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Getting your own Cisco devices

I’m a Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP in short. Many people doesn’t know what CCNP is unless they’re in networking stuff too. Although I’m a CCNP holder, currently I’m managing Checkpoint firewalls for my company and for that, I have to take Checkpoint Certified Security Advisor or CCSA and I’m looking to further my certification in Checkpoint by taking Checkpoint Certified Security Expert or CCSE sometime this year, hopefully. At the mean time, my CCNP certification will expire in this coming November so I have to resit for an exam for that too. That’s too much too handle I guess.


When you’re switching from a router/switch guy to a firewall guy, there’s a lot of things changing in your life. Before this, I learned a lot about routes, ip addressing, Cisco router and switch commands, but now I’m more exposed to Checkpoint System commands, Unix and Nokia devices commands and other security stuff. When you’re too attached with something like me at the moment, you will tend to forget what you have learned in the past. This is what happened to me. I need to get my knowledge in Cisco Systems polished again before I sit for the recertification exam.

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Medicare for your later years

This might be out of line a little bit but something got me thinking. I was just walking by the road and saw an old man or usually we called them senior citizen laying around at a corridor of a building, maybe a homeless guy perhaps. I sat at a nearby bench and watched him in silence. He suddenly rose from his position and coughing so hard, so hard that made me think his lung would fall out. His condition didn’t look so good. What will happen to his life? He’s homeless, he has no one to depend on and he has no money for food or medical aid.

That’s what got me thinking about medicare supplemental plans. I’m working with a multinational company at the moment and I have my health insurance as well as hospital bills covered by my company through another medical company which specializes in employee health benefits. What about when I’m no longer with the company. These days, we can’t be too sure about it. Some people got laid off just like that. That’s what make me worried.


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Blog contest prizes announced

I’m trying to keep this simple and short. I just want to talk about the rules and regulation for the blog contest on blog network. First of all, let’s look at the prizes for the blog contest. For the first contest, I only giving out premium software for the lucky winners. The softwares listed below are sharewares and I already obtained valid licenses for distribution. This means you are not using cracked software, serial number from keygen or a patched software. These are legitimate softwares for personal use only.

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Creating logo online for free

A nicely designed logo and a professional look of a business card is a must for any business owner or company. This is sometimes a headache for people who are trying to keep it simple but smart at the same time. Most of the time, they don’t have the money to hire a professional logo creator to make a Logo Design for them. Not to worry, I’m going to show you how to create a free, professional logo and painless way to do it online. Here’s the result of my 3 minute of work with the crappy internet connection.


I don’t know about your taste, but I’m very satisfied with my work there. :grin:

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