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Vipre : The new player in antivirus and anti spyware software

It’s been a while since I talk about technology in the blog. I haven’t had much time to do tutorials now since I’m always busy at the office with all the work. Hopefully I can find some time to make new tutorials in the near future. In the mean time, I would like to introduce my readers to a new player in the Antivirus Software category. It’s called Vipre. In short, it’s an anti virus solution which includes anti virus and anti spyware in a single application.


Vipre anti virus and anti spyware solution is geared to give you a peace of mind when using the computer while offline or online. The main advantage for Vipre is the performance of the application. The test results ran by major software company shows that Vipre uses very little memory when it’s protecting your computer and uses far less memory than other Antivirus Software when scanning your computer than other anti virus solution. Refer to the graph below for the test comparison and results.

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File Extension NEF

File Extension NEF or commonly known as Nikon raw image file is the file extension used for raw photos captured by a Nikon digital camera usually a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. This file type stores data exactly as it was captured by charge-coupled device (CCD). This is to retain the original settings such as exposure and white balance of the image and later stored into the computer. When it’s on the computer, further enhancement can be made to the picture using any graphic manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop.


Where File Extension NEF is used ?

NEF file extension are used only in Nikon digital camera as the file format extension for raw photos captured using Nikon DSLR cameras and this is an uncommon file extension used in only Nikon DSLR cameras.

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File extension TIF

File extension TIF or also known as Tagged Image File Format is a file format that is used to store images like other picture file format like JPG, PNG and GIF. Originally developed by Aldus and as far as 2009, Adobe Systems has gain control of the file format and holds the copyright to the TIFF specification although there’s no major changes since it was first introduced in 1992. The latest version reported of the TIFF file extension format is TIFF 6.0.

Where File Extension TIF is used ?

Basically TIF file extension is used in pictures in the computer and over the internet. Although it’s not as popular as JPG file format or GIF file format, it’s still used widely across the world.

Which Application Needed To Open File Extension TIF ?

Basically there’s a lot of programs that can be used to open TIF file extension. Since this is a universal file format, most graphic editor and viewer program can be used to open the file format. Applications that can be used to open the TIF file extension files are like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Picture Viewer, Irfanview, The GIMP and ACDSee.

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Finding the right shoes and apparel

I have a habit. Maybe something that everyone has but I do. I can’t categorize this habit as good or bad, it depends on people. For me, it does not have any bad or good to others. I just love to look at people shoes. I don’t know why and I can’t remember when it started, just found out that this habit of mine when I realized that I’m looking at people’s footwear almost all the time.


I don’t really have an obsession for shoes except for a certain brand of shoes especially athletic shoes. If you want specifics, that would be basketball shoes. Largely, you can categorize it as fondness for snickers and sports shoes. I don’t really have a collection of working shoes because I don’t really need it. I have two pairs of working shoes at home which I last used them like 2 years ago for a job interview. :razz:

I don’t really have a collection of shoes that I can brag about, but I really don’t care. I just want to share with guys. I have a pair of Adidas shoes that I used for futsal, 3 pairs of Nike basketball shoes and a pair of AND1 basketball shoes. The problem with getting a nice pair of shoes is the availability of it in the local market so I decided to take some time finding them online.

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