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The importance of backup power

Have you ever wondered why you need a generator? In most cases, no one ever really care if the importance of power generators? What if the power goes out and you’ll be out of electricity for a few hours? Well, it’s not the end of the world right? Probably if it happened during the night, you can probably just go to bed a little bit early and sleep it off while the department responsible working on it. By the time you woke up, it’s all back to normal.

For most cases, that’s how it’s going to be. Unfortunately, emergency power generators are really important to big companies especially like mine. Not my own company but the company i’m working for. We have a lot of critical servers that needs to be powered on all the time and we can’t afford to lose connectivity to them even for a split second while in production. Power generators setup can be as simple as it can be to as complex as it can be. In my case, we have a UPS as a buffer to supply power to the servers while we try to fix the electricity problem. If everything else fails, we will start the generator to supply the electricity needed.

So is this means home users doesn’t need generators? Well, if you can, I would really suggest you get one. I’ll give you a few scenarios where you will be thankful that you have a generator at home. You are catching a deadline on a very important proposal for a millions worth of contract and suddenly the electricity died. Or you had a cake in the fridge, prepared specially for your spouse and want to surprise him/her first thing in the morning and your fridge will be useless if there’s no electricity. The list goes on and on but my point is, if you can afford it, why don’t you have one to prepare for the worst case scenario?

Converting video tapes to digital format

Do you still have your favorite movies in VHS format or video tapes? Maybe some old vacation videos or your wedding videos that is still captured in video tapes? Don’t you want to save those moments for your future generations? Video tapes or known as 8mm films can be saved and used in this moment. What if you don’t have the video tape players anymore? Do you know that you can convert 8mm film to DVD format?

If this is new to you, film to DVD conversion has been a while now but not everyone can do it. You need to have an expert to do it for you. Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to convert it. If you do have all the necessary equipment, you may succeed in converting but it’s not converted properly or poor in quality. That’s why you need someone who is an expert in converting film to DVD like hiring the guys at

They not only will convert your 8mm film tapes to DVD format, but will also enhance the quality of the images and sounds for the DVD. FILM TO DVD conversion process is really complex and without proper techniques, you will not be able to achieve the best conversion. That’s why the guys at really dedicated in their work in restoring and salvaging the old videos for their customer’s pleasure and satisfaction.

You can check out their website for more information on how the conversion is done, what are the processes, what are the types of packages they offered for conversion, digitizing, enhancing videos and the price quotations for the customers. At the moment, they’re also offering discounts up to 35% until the 15th of February. So if you have some old videos that you want to convert to DVD, then this is your time. Act now and you will save money and the most important thing; you will save the greatest moments of your life as well!

Using plants as decorations

There are many ways we can decorate our homes. Some people use paintings and vases as decoration. Some prefers to keep it simple with some furniture and a few home appliances like television for sake of pleasure. Another way you can decorate your home is by using plants.

Plants can be a great addition to home decorations. Not only it will bring a new dimension in home decorations, but it will also ensure that you’re home will be fresh and provide you with the oxygen that you need. Some houses don’t have enough windows or with a bad air flow by keeping the carbon dioxide trapped in your home. By adding some plants to the corners, it will ensure you’re getting the much needed oxygen and it doesn’t take too much space of your home. You don’t have to go for a big plant but enough with some flower plants or bonsais and it will be enough.

Plants are also used in other decorations such as weddings and other functions. It helps to bring out the harmony in any occasions. Flowers such as roses are usually used in weddings while other type of flowers might be used in funerals. By adding some flowers into your home, it will give you a fresh scent for you. There’s no high maintenance for plants too, just make sure it gets enough water and light, and the plants will live just fine.

Stop smoking with electric cigarette

It’s not a secret anymore that I’m trying to quit smoking. That’s a bad habit and I don’t need a further lecture on the bad side of smoking and the effects of smoking for my later years. I tried a lot of ways to quit smoking but it seems really hard. It’s not about the nicotine or the temptation from other smokers, but I have to admit, sometimes I just want to get the feel of the smoking.


I came across an electric cigarette on the net and interested in trying it out. It’s said as an alternative to quit smoking method and although it will make you look like you’re smoking the real cigarette, in fact it doesn’t. From my readings, it seems like it’s more or less like a nicotine patch method but it gives you the same feel of smoking except there’s no smoke, meaning no danger to your lungs.

I’m really interested in trying this out. Need to know if there’s anyone out there who tried this before to quit smoking and how was the result?