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Getting into SAP field

If you’re in IT or any related computer field, you probably heard that SAP jobs are one of the highest paying job in the industry. But what is SAP and how do someone can get involved in the SAP?

sap jobs

SAP SE is a company that was started by 5 former IBM employees back in 1972. Now SAP that stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing has 293,500 customers in 190 countries all over the world. It is used by big corporation and multinational companies as part of standard infrastructure.Over the years, SAP grew so big and started to acquire more companies to be a part of it. Until today, the list of companies bought over by SAP reached 59 companies.

So if you’re looking for SAP jobs, the best place to start is At this website, there’s a subsection that lists all available SAP jobs. You can use the search button. You have the option to choose the job type either permanent or on contractual basis. There’s also an option to provide your expected minimum salary based on month or per annum and the country you’re interested in. You can also list all the companies that is offering the jobs alphabetically.

Not only that, on this particular website, there’s also sections for e-courses. The perfect place for you to start venturing into the SAP field. There’s a wide range of courses catered for anyone interested in SAP and the course starts at as low as USD5 per course. The courses offered are varied from beginners to a more advanced level SAP users or administrators.

For SAP professionals, there’s also a section for SAP tips and SAP objects search. This is pretty helpful for quick references rather than searching the internet for it.

Overall, is a good place to start if you want to venture into SAP, one of the most exciting and rewarding career in IT industry.

Managing your leads

I have a lot of friends who have a day time job and at the same time, they have part time jobs or something that they can do while working from home or during their spare times. Some are into multi level marketing and some are earning money from the internet. One of the side jobs that has a high earning potential with not much effort is becoming an insurance agent. Well, it’s not hard if we know how to capture the leads.

lead management

The main problem that I see with my friends being an insurance  agent is how they failed to capture, manage and close the deal with the leads. The “lead” word  here means potential customers and insurance lead management is important for insurance agents as well as multi level marketers. To help them out, I looked for a customer relationship management in order to get them to manage their leads efficiently and this is where I found AIM CRM.

What I loved the most about AIM CRM is because it’s browser based and it has a centralized database. Simply put, as long as you have internet connectivity and a computer, you can access the leads data anytime, anywhere you want. That’s very convenient for everyone especially if you’re working in teams.  I have never came across an insurance crm that as convenient as this. Usually, insurance CRMs are offline based applications and it’s not really practical if you’re working in teams. You need to be back at the office just to update the leads instead of using the time for working on the leads.

Another feature that I would really love is the “Sales Team Management” feature. With this function, as a manager or the team leader, you can group the leads into one big group and assign the leads to your people. You can assign the leads according to your agents’ location. This makes it easier for your people to go out and meet the potential clients. With this, you can ensure they will save time on travel, saving money on the fuel expenses and maximizing time on closing the deal and follow ups. You can also monitor your agents’ progress using this feature to see who’s making phone calls, sending out promotional emails and other tasks.

If you’re looking a crm and lead management software, AIM CRM is the application that you need to consider. Just go to their website for trial and demo login. If you like it, you can subscribe to the full service for just as low as USD33 per month and on top of that, you can even customize it for your company. With the price tag, it’s really cheap than building a system like this from scratch by hiring companies doing it.

Software Estimation and Controlled Risk

I’ve written before on the predictive nature of estimation software. Using cost estimating software products as project management software can help show you aspects of your project which you haven’t accounted for, particularly things like risk.

You can't take that leap back

You can’t take that leap back

However, software estimation products can do more than highlight areas which you haven’t seen, they can also peer around the corner and show that which you haven’t done yet. Through the software’s rather developed, and mathematically sound, understanding of your project, that understanding can be leveraged towards making theoretical changes.

Think about it this way, software estimation project management software allows you, the project manager to play the “What if…” game. What if I doubled my workforce? What if I reduced everyone’s workload by 10%? What if deadlines were all extended by 10%? What if I assigned every part of the project to just one person?

The questions can seem trivial, even comical, however they point to a very interesting application for such software – they ability to control, limit, and even potentially mitigate risk. The questions I just posed all center around one significant area – the sharing of a workload to make a project easier on employees.

How does making project members work easier help to control risk? Well, for one thing, for projects which are heavily dependent on multiple deadlines all being satisfied in a particular order, specifically where one group is waiting on the work of another, each deadline represents a potential point of failure. By making deadlines easier to achieve, the risk of failure is thus avoided.

Of course, deadlines represent just one area of risk. I like to use them as an example because hard deadlines seem to exist in every area from newspapers to software companies to automobile manufactures. The flexibility of project management software which employees these estimation techniques means that project managers can juggle all sorts of variables in a project finding the optimal mix. In the end, such juggling helps to control the risk of uncertainty.

Vipre : The new player in antivirus and anti spyware software

It’s been a while since I talk about technology in the blog. I haven’t had much time to do tutorials now since I’m always busy at the office with all the work. Hopefully I can find some time to make new tutorials in the near future. In the mean time, I would like to introduce my readers to a new player in the Antivirus Software category. It’s called Vipre. In short, it’s an anti virus solution which includes anti virus and anti spyware in a single application.


Vipre anti virus and anti spyware solution is geared to give you a peace of mind when using the computer while offline or online. The main advantage for Vipre is the performance of the application. The test results ran by major software company shows that Vipre uses very little memory when it’s protecting your computer and uses far less memory than other Antivirus Software when scanning your computer than other anti virus solution. Refer to the graph below for the test comparison and results.

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