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What is Windows Prefetch File?

Have you ever heard of Windows Prefetch File? Windows Prefetch Files are used to optimize application loading and Windows boot up. In Windows XP, the main component is called Prefetcher and in Windows Vista, there are 2 major components that are working together to increase the prefetch ability which is Ready Boots and Super Fetch.

Prefetch files are used to monitor and adapt the usage pattern of files and applications over period of time and to load the majority of the files and data needed into memory so that they can be accessed directly and very quickly when needed instead of searching them from the hard disk making it slower due to seek and spin time of the hard disk.


The picture above should show you the location of the prefetch file. There’s also a rumor that if you delete the files in the prefetch folder, it will make your computer loads faster. Well, eventually this is against the principle of prefetch file in the first place. Deleting the files in the prefetch folder will make your computer takes a longer time to boot.

Prefetch files can be identified as files with extension *.pf or File Extension OPF. Remember, these type of files are meant to increase the speed of application loading and deleting the files will make your program to load longer.

Getting know the file extensions

There are a lot of file extensions in operating systems as well as on the internet itself. Different file extension or usually referred as file types are used by different applications or as part of the program itself.

In operating system particularly Windows, we have extensions like *.exe, *.com, *.inf, *.bat and others while others that used on the internet are like *.html, *.php, *.swf and much more. I won’t go into details file extensions on Linux and Unix where it varies to the operating system distribution themselves. Anyway, let’s look at some file types that are on your computer but you might don’t have any clue on them.

File Extension PPS

PPS or Power Point Slideshow usually used for Power Point Presentation slides. Usually this is what people send as attachment through emails. Even if you don’t have Microsoft Office Power Point, you can still view the presentation file but without the program itself, you can’t edit the presentation file. You can use Open Office or Star Office as an alternative for Microsoft Office to edit the presentation file.

File Extension TMP

TMP files are usually stands for temporary file. Sometimes it exists not only as a file but also as a folder. Generally, this type of file is used as a temporary storage for an application and it’s safe to delete. In worst case scenario, some programmer or application developer use this file to hide important information on the application itself, hoping that nobody will take interest in the file because it’s usually worthless.

File Extension BIN

BIN extension files can contain any type of data and encoded in binary form. BIN files can be a file used for computer storage and processing purposes. Usually CD or DVD images are distributed with .BIN extension with another .CUE file. The images can be burned with CD/DVD burning program like Nero Burning Rom or can be mounted directly to the computer using virtual CD/DVD software such as WIN ISO program. In Linux, it’s a self extracting binary files and used to install programs on Linux.

File Extension TORRENT

This is one of the favorite file extension for downloading various files of the internet. Files such as movies, music videos, mp3s, application as well many others. Usually the torrent file needs to be opened with a Bittorrent application such as Utorrent and Azureus. Beware, the torrent technology is not illegal because it’s just a file sharing technology but depending on some countries, the file that you’re downloading might be illegal.

There you have it. Four of file types that you might come across but never have any knowledge of it. Just let me know if you need any information on the file types that you’re not sure of.

How to make a full screen shot of a web page

Question : How to make a full screenshot of your page or any website ?

Method 1 : The painful way of screenshot

You can use the old style of the screenshot and paste it in Paint. Edit and crop the pictures before you combine the pictures into a single picture. Too hard if you ask me. But in case you might want the thrill, you can refer to my tutorials on creating screenshots in my previous posts.

How to make a print screen ?

How to make a screen shot in Windows Media << in case you’re interested.

Method 2 : Use an online screenshot service.

There are various of screenshot service that can be used to make a full page screenshot of your blog or favourite website and most of it are free. Is this really a great things. Yes and no actually. Usually they will work like charm but sometimes they don’t. This is because:

  • they need to load the whole page before they took the screenshot and
  • sometimes because there are too many people using it, you might have to wait before your site can be captured.

Take for instance, I tested it out with a few websites and it worked great but it doesn’t work on my blog because of some issues.


Furthermore thumbizy is quite slow in making the screenshots so I won’t bother with it. But you can find alternatives using Google.

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Head Tracking Using Wii Remote

Johnny Lee, one of the most respected Wii hacker just released another great hack for Nintendo Wii. This time he manage to integrate 3 dimensional virtual reality game perspective using Wii Remote. Check out the video below.

<a href=""></a>

I’m just amazed by this guy ! :razz: