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The importance of home security system

When you’re working with servers, routers and firewalls, you need to secure it whether it’s network wise or physically. From the network point of view, you need to make sure that no one can access your network remotely and fix any security issues that might compromise your network. From the physical point of view, you need to make sure only authorized people have access to the server room and network equipment. In my office, we need to use our work card to access the server room and we have an alarm system for that purpose.


What about your home? I’m sure you want a piece of mind when you’re in or out of your house right? These days when you read the papers, there are robberies all over the country, day in and day out, no matter whether it’s day or night. From a small break in case, it could be worse and lead to loss of valuable things, damaged properties and even loss of lives. This is where GE home security system can help you to keep your family stay protected. Home security system can be divided into many categories like monitoring, alarms, surveillance and many more.

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Fist task for blog contest

It’s about time when samdaddycool asked the update for the blog contest. The first task is so simple! The first task is about Twitter. Twitter is a great micro blogging tool and I have to admit, it’s more popular than Plurk. I like Plurk more for interacting with my friends but I can’t deny the power of Twitter! So below is the tasks for Twitter that you need to do :


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Satellite TV Competition in America

I talked about satellite television in a few post before this one and here again I will be talking about satellite television or dish network. I covered almost every aspect of it from my frustration on the satellite television provider here in Malaysia, from the monopoly of the certain company, comparing it to the similar satellite dish television in US, how we can use the satellite equipment to access internet, how satellite network is winning the competition from cable TV companies as well as some GPS related articles. Now let’s talk about the competition in US which is the main competitor for another satellite television provider which the San Francisco Satellite Television company.


Basically, this company is running a different satellite television network from Direct TV. The company is providing satellite TV provider from Dish Network, which is the main competitor for Direct TV at the moment. San Francisco satellite tv claims that they are giving more than their competitors and which much lower cost. For starters, they are offering free HBO for 3 months when you subscribe to their satellite television service and giving you a HR-DVR upgrade for free too! They guaranteed a 100% digital programming for all their channels starting from $9.99 per month.

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