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New Iphone 3Gs revealed and Palm Pre debut

The new Iphone 3Gs has been revealed at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009 which be on sale from 19th June 2009. Although the new Iphone 3Gs looks the same as the previous predecessor, but expect more features and more speed from the new Iphone. Better camera, better battery life, better video recording up to 30 frames per second, data speed connection now supports HSDPA and many more features. So expect there will be a rise in the sale of iphone accessories such as iPhone leather case and other Apple products like iPod leather case.


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How to choose a laptop

Computing world evolved faster than we expected and there are a new product on the line everyday and sometimes this can be quite confusing. One of the most popular product in the computer market is the laptops. For some, there’s no need for one but for others, they really need one but how do they make the wise choice? Here’s a general guide on how to choose a laptop.


Do I need a laptop?

This is the most important point of all. If you need portability, need to work on different places, always traveling and needs to be working on the go, you definitely need a laptop. Otherwise, save your money and buy a desktop computer.

Work or leisure?

It’s true that some laptops are able to be a portable gaming station since the specification are really high, but do you need really need one? Most laptops can be used for office works, surfing the internet, play movies and listen to mp3, but if you need to play high end graphic games, go get a desktop. No need for wasting money on really high end laptops just to play games unless you’re damn rich! And if you just want something really small, really portable, just to surf the internet and listening to songs, you can just get a netbook.

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Chelation therapy

I talked about chelation therapy a while back and I received a lot of Google searches from people all over the world looking for information on the product. It seems that more and more people exposed to chelation therapy each day and they are eager to look for more information on the internet.


The two most commonly used method for chelation therapy is intravenous chelation therapy and oral chelation therapy. Intravenous chelation therapy means administering the chelation product through the veins by needles and this should be done properly by the trained doctors and nurses at the hospitals and clinics. This is why most people didn’t really like this type of chelation therapy and prefer the other method.

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MiOS : A new OS soon to be unleashed

Mios is a new operating system developed by VertiCorp aimed to be a new OS for the new age. With the emergence of new laptop standards like netbook, miOS are aimed to be the number 1 operating system used on the netbook and much more powerful laptop or desktop PC. The development for miOS is currently progressing rapidly to meet the deadline for beta testers on 1st of August 2009.


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