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How to trace phone number

Sometimes when I get back to my home from work, all I want to do is just sleep. When I sleep, I tend to silent my mobile phone to avoid any distraction for my sleep and usually when I woke up, I will have a few short messaging service (SMS) or a few missed phone calls. I don’t really have a problem with numbers that I know because I can call them back but sometimes there are phone numbers that are new to me especially when my colleagues from Houston or London was calling me. So how do it Trace That Phone Number ?


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Technology advancement in cellular phones and Blackberry charger

I still remember when I got my first cell phone back in year 2000. My first phone is Nokia 3210. It was by far the most sleek mobile phone at the time and I got it for RM1800. That was the early days of cell phone emergence in Malaysia. This is not a cheap mobile phone at the time but what the hell. The thing that I was attracted to the phone is not because of the nice, small phone design with no antenna but it was the T9 dictionary that really amuses back in the days as well as the snake game is so addictive. Now that is really common features in today’s mobile phones and the games are much more advance than the simple snake game.


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Elderly medical alert could save life

I talked about the GPS function and how it can track people wherever they are. I was thinking of developing a device that could help people to track their loved ones and make sure they are getting help whenever they need it. Seems like there’s already a company running the device for elderly medical alert although I don’t really know how they implement and making it works, but the concept is the same as mine. The device is called Life Alert.


This tiny device will be worn by the people that we care the most like for instance, our elderly mom and dad or maybe our grand parents. The device has  a big panic button and it’s so small, it can be worn on the neck like a necklace. Every device is hooked up to a monitoring system managed by the people at the call centers. The call center people will check up on you if there’s any medical emergency and will call the appropriate authorities and emergency support depending on the problem faced by the device bearer.

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File Extension WPD

File extension WPD can be quite tricky sometimes. The WPD file extension sometimes are used as the extension to save audio files by a program called Saw Studio, but commonly used as a file extension for word processing document by Corel Word Pecfect. Corel Word Perfect are very famous in the early days of computers before it was dominated by Microsoft Word which uses .doc file extension. The reason why it was famous because Corel Word Perfect can be used on multi platform operating system like Linux, Mac OS, BSD and Atari. In earlier version of Corel Word Perfect, the other extensions used are .wp, .wp7, .wp6, .wp5, .wp4, and in the early days, it doesn’t use any extension at all.


Where File Extension WPD is used ?

WPD file extension are used widely in Corel Word Perfect and other word processing program since it was de facto standard in the early days before the domination of Microsoft Office. In Saw Studio, it was used to save files containing wave audio format.

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