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Using plants as decorations

There are many ways we can decorate our homes. Some people use paintings and vases as decoration. Some prefers to keep it simple with some furniture and a few home appliances like television for sake of pleasure. Another way you can decorate your home is by using plants.

Plants can be a great addition to home decorations. Not only it will bring a new dimension in home decorations, but it will also ensure that you’re home will be fresh and provide you with the oxygen that you need. Some houses don’t have enough windows or with a bad air flow by keeping the carbon dioxide trapped in your home. By adding some plants to the corners, it will ensure you’re getting the much needed oxygen and it doesn’t take too much space of your home. You don’t have to go for a big plant but enough with some flower plants or bonsais and it will be enough.

Plants are also used in other decorations such as weddings and other functions. It helps to bring out the harmony in any occasions. Flowers such as roses are usually used in weddings while other type of flowers might be used in funerals. By adding some flowers into your home, it will give you a fresh scent for you. There’s no high maintenance for plants too, just make sure it gets enough water and light, and the plants will live just fine.

The Avatar deleted movie scene

If you haven’t watch Avatar, then you’re really have to go to the nearest cinema and enjoy the movie. Personally, I watched it 2 times, one time normal theater and another one is the Avatar 3D version. Superb movie by James Cameroon! I think it’s 2009 best movie in my list and it deserves the Oscar award.

Anyway, I found a document at which claims to be a deleted sex scene from the movie. I can’t verify whether it’s genuine or not, but from my opinion, it looks like it. It’s just a short one but seems like a real deal to me.

You can check out deleted Avatar sex scene at

Custom wheel for your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is one of the leading car makers in the world. Everyone in the world knows that all cars that Mercedes Benz manufactured are in their own class and the designs were exceptional. Their designs are sleek and very beautiful as well one of the most advanced car makers in terms of technology. In Japan, if you own a Mercedes Benz, people will look very highly of you even if your model of Mercedes Benz is not one of the current models. Even the Japanese which known for their fast cars admire and make Mercedes Benz as one of the de facto standard to compete in the world of automotives.

mercedes slr

Mercedes Benz is always of one of favorite car makers especially the CLK or SLR series. The designs are superb and incorporate a lot of advance features through their commitment in Formula One. Although the designs are extremely fine and classy, there’s one problem that I really hate about Mercedes Benz.

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How to save some money on eyeglasses?

Do you wear eyeglasses? How much do you spend on prescription eyeglasses on every visit? In America, they charged around $200 to $300 per prescription eyeglasses, depending on the build and the type of lenses that you want and need. Do you think I’m crazy if I say that I can show you where to get $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? Like you, I don’t believe it in the first place until I found out about

I was looking for some ways to spend money wisely and I stumbled upon a video on “How You Can Start Spending Smart“. It’s a video on how people tend to go online for an eyeglasses instead of going to the local optometrist. Starting from $8 for a pair of eyeglasses, it would be madly cheap considering a visit to the optometrist for a new glasses. All you need to do is get relevant information from your optometrist like pupillary distance, prescription strength and lens type and usually this information is given free using free eye checkup.

Zenni Optical website is easy enough to understand. I just pick whatever I like and put my prescription information and quantity. After that, I’m ready to check out and paid the money. Usually, it’s delivered to my door step in 14 days. There are a lot of designs, shapes, material and cases to choose from. Here’s my favorite high fashion eyeglasses from their website and planning to get all of them so that I don’t look like a dull person wearing the same eyeglasses to work each single day!

grey eyeglasses

black eyeglasses

brown eyeglasses

I like my eyeglasses to be plain and simple but I don’t know about others. Maybe I’ll buy all three of them and use them alternately. Since I wear eyeglasses on daily basis, it’s good to have a spare one too.