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Do you still own bicycles today?

I still remember the days that I own my own bicycle. My first real bicycle was from a lucky draw from a book carnival. I never expected to win anything from the book carnival but as soon as I knew I won the prize, I can’t wait to get my hands on those bikes. Since it’s the first time I rode a bicycle, I can’t remember how many times I fell and get up again until I can get it right. That was my first of many other Raleigh Bikes that I have after that.


Soon after that, I started another obsession for bicycles. BMX bicycles were very popular back then and if a kid has a BMX bike, he will be more popular among the kids. When I think back about it, it was very very funny. Well, we were still kids back then. We tried to save every penny of our school pocket money and try to look for part time works helping mom and dad and neighbors to get some extra money to save. With all the money we save, we will go to the bicycle shop and look for new Bicycle Accessories to put on our BMX bikes. Well, although it’s sound kind of silly, but that’s how we learn to work and get what we wanted from our own hard work.

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Direct TV to boost your business

There are a lot of ways to boost your business depending on your nature of business. Different business needs a different approach in attracting customers to your premises. Some might offer discounts, some might offer free trial and some might give vouchers for price cut on the customers’ next visit. Whatever your business is, you need to know the right way to promote and making sure your business will be the first choice to the customers. From what I can see, the best business that can be easily boosted is the restaurants.


If you’re running a dining place or a restaurant, the first thing you need to make sure is your food is excellent. Next is the customer’s service and the location. After that, what’s next? Every other restaurant will have their special dish and their own quality of service. This is where Commercial DirectTV will help your business. I will give you a scenario for a few type of business that you have or might run in the future.

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Choosing your kitchen sink

Yesterday, my mom held a social gathering at our house. The purpose of the gathering is to celebrate my sister who is going to further her study in a local university. My mom cooked all the food and I’m sure that she must be tired as hell when the gathering is over. I did what I had to do to help her but sometimes we have no control in what’s going to happen. The sink in our house kitchen leaked and well, half of our kitchen filled with water. Hell, why does that have to happen at a time like that when there are lots of dishes to wash. In that moment like yesterday I sure hoped that we have installed a better sink system, maybe like undermount kitchen sink. Some people say if we install undermount kitchen sink correctly, it’ll be impossible for the sink to leak and it is easy for maintance.

specialty sinks

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Tula Handbag is the NEW handbag

Handbag? That really is not my area of expertise but since I have a girlfriend who really loves handbag so I think I may know one or two things about handbags. As a matter of fact I think I may know a lot since I’m the who one always end up being her fashion consultant when we went out shopping. One thing I’m sure about is, at the moment she looks at handbag which she likes it’ll be quite impossible for her to just walk away. So, couple days ago she did asked me to view this TULA handbag website since nowadays she likes to shop online. I think it’s a way of her asking me to buy one for her.:eek:

tula black handbagI did her a favor by viewing the site and find this brand Tula is quite good. Okay, don’t expect me to say much because I don’t use handbag so quite good means very good. In time like this, I think I have to trust my girlfriend’s fashion sense since the last handbag she bought really caught people’s attention. And she keeps grinning every time people admiring and compliment her handbag. From my observations, when she’s shopping for handbag she’ll definitely looks for leather handbag because according to her, leather made handbag will last longer. Well, that’s common sense since we know things made of leather most probably will last longer. So, it’s not surprising for me that this Tula handbag also a leather made handbag. Further more, who doesn’t like the smell of leather?:wink:

When I look at the tag price of the tula handbag I’m quite shocked. More surprisingly, I’m not shocked because the price is sky high but because the price is very affordable and for a leather bag that range of prices can be considered cheap. If that is the price of leather bag, every one in town can afford one. One thing I noticed when I’m viewing the brand is, it comes with variety of colors and styles. The looks of the handbag is contemporary but not complicated. What you should know is I rarely like rambling about handbag but this brand really brought something different. For all men out there, if your girlfriend asking for leather handbag, do yourself a favor by telling them to have a look at Tula handbag because it really can save up your money by not making your girlfriend despise you.:wink: