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Link building guide for your blog

Many of us have a blog and wrote great content but sometimes, it’s not reachable to targeted audiences. Search engines like Google loves unique content but sometimes, unique content is just not enough. There are other reasons why your blog is not getting traffic from search engines or people just can’t seem to find your blog or your post especially when you’re writing something that is too common or something that people hardly search for.

link building

A few reasons why people fail to get traffic from search engines are:

  • Poor link building for the blog
  • Blog not indexed properly in the search engines
  • Blog is not search engine optimized
  • Wrong keywords or highly competitive keywords

I just want to talk about link building as people tend to ignore this fact. Two main reasons for link building are to get traffic and for SEO purposes, which is to get higher ranking on search engine for certain keywords. By placing your link on other sites, you will get clicks from the visitors on the site to your site or blogs, which is the traffic link building. Also, by placing links with specific anchor text on other sites, it will also boost your search engine rankings for the keyword. In simple words, the more links you have from specific text, the more search engine thinks it’s relevant to your site!

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Creating your first free website

I know a lot of people want to have their own website. They have the right idea, they have the projected path of their website in their mind and how they want to run it. Some resorted to blogs as the backend but sometimes it’s too complicated for them. Some find designing their own is harder than it sounds in the first place and lastly, there wasn’t any end product and a great idea goes down to drain just like that.

For anyone who wants to build a simple and professional looking website, you can try Moogo. Moogo is a very simple website solution that even a 7 years old kid can use.  You can create your own Moogo website for free. The website will be up and running in just 4 simple steps.

1. Go to Moogo website click Start Now at the top right corner of the website.

2. Set up the interface of your blog in 2 simple steps, pick the layout and the custom header  according to your website genre just like below. In this case, I used Moogo to create a technology website.


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Vipre : The new player in antivirus and anti spyware software

It’s been a while since I talk about technology in the blog. I haven’t had much time to do tutorials now since I’m always busy at the office with all the work. Hopefully I can find some time to make new tutorials in the near future. In the mean time, I would like to introduce my readers to a new player in the Antivirus Software category. It’s called Vipre. In short, it’s an anti virus solution which includes anti virus and anti spyware in a single application.


Vipre anti virus and anti spyware solution is geared to give you a peace of mind when using the computer while offline or online. The main advantage for Vipre is the performance of the application. The test results ran by major software company shows that Vipre uses very little memory when it’s protecting your computer and uses far less memory than other Antivirus Software when scanning your computer than other anti virus solution. Refer to the graph below for the test comparison and results.

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Using mailing lists to target your customers

In internet marketing, mailing list is one of the important things to be equipped with if you want to be a successful internet marketeer. Mailing list usually consists of recipient’s name and email address only. Just two information needed for your mailing list. After that, internet marketeers will send emails for promoting products and services that will caught the subscribers attention to the product. Usually, internet marketeer will promote affiliate products where they will earn commissions on each sale and some promote their own product to the mailing list. Although it’s commonly used by internet marketeers now, but the fact is direct mailing lists have been used by offline businesses for sometime now.


The act of buying and selling mailing lists have been ongoing for quite some time now. In the old days, mailing lists will consists more than just name and email address of the recipients. Other informations like postal address and phone number sometimes are included in the mailing list. That makes the mailing lists is as valuable to offline business owners as it is to internet marketeers.

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