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Confession of a TV Series Junkie

I have to admit I’m a TV series junkie. Just think of it as my never ending source of entertainment, well of course until the show goes for a season break of course but then, I will have new series to watch. Unlike movies, you have to wait for a long time before you can get a good movie to watch and sometimes, it’s just not what you expected. What a disappointment.

The problem with TV series is you just might missed the show because of traffic jam or you got caught up with something else. Or the romantic dinner you promised your wife for the last couple of months. This is where Time Warner Cable Charter On-Demand will truly save your day.

sleep hollow tv series poster

Time Warner Cable Charter On-Demand will let you watch TV programs, series or movies at your own pace, at anytime and anywhere you want. It has a great list of movies and TV series in the catalogue so you can watch all your favorites while you might discover a new one as well.

Just a few TV series that I watched that are available on Time Warner Cable are House of Lies, The Blacklist, Teen Wolf, Major Crimes, Dexter, Sleepy Hollow, Hawaii Five-O and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also movies, TV programs for kids, music and documentaries. A perfect all in one entertainment source for the whole family.

With the Time Warner Internet, you have the option to get the best of 2 worlds, not only the TV series and movies that you like at your fingertips but it’s delivered through a high speed internet connection which you can enjoy surfing, streaming contents from the internet and do much more with it.

Remember how I told you can watch all your favorites programs anytime and anywhere? With TWC TV application, you can watch your favorites TV shows or movies right from your smartphone or tablets. It’s really convenient and you can say good bye to the boring time accompanying your partner to a shopping spree. Just go to Starbucks, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your shows while waiting for her to finish. Well, I know I did.


Buy Harley Davidson spare parts online

Are you looking for Harley Davidson parts? Having difficulty locating the store that sells those important parts around your place or city? As silly as it sounds, why not order the parts online from

harley davidson exhaust

With a vast collection of parts for Harley Davidson, you can search for the exact part numbers or the keywords. Add those parts to the shopping cart and checkout. Pay with Paypal or credit card and just wait until the parts arrive at your doorstep.

How small a computer can be?

I know everyone has a desktop computer right? How about a laptop? These days, both are considered not really mobile anymore, even for a laptop. They prefer to have ipads or other tablets to carry around instead of laptops in a bag.

Have you ever wondered how small a computer be? Don’t be surprised if I tell you that a powerful CPU can be made from less than 10cm x 10 cm motherboard? Still don’t believe it. It’s what we called COM or computer on module. Basically what makes COM really small is the board is being stripped down and uses the most up to date connectors and by removing old or legacy connections such as serial, ps/2 and PCI slots. Not only that, the board already has integrated LAN ports, RAM and graphic card chips. Complicated yet beautifully crafted boards are the key for COM.

For an example, COM Express™ basic is one best computer on module in the market. The latest model of COM Express can support dual core i3/i5/i7 from Intel along with Intel high definition audio on board, support for gigabit ethernet and integrated display support that boasts Intel HD3000/2000 chipset with 3D Blu-ray support. Don’t say you are not tempted with the idea of a personal desktop computer that can be put into a bag or replacing your current audio setup in your car for your in car entertainment?

Should i buy an ipad 2?

If you’re asking the same question as me..I’d say go for it if you have the money. Priced at the same as original Ipad one last time..this look like a sweet deal. And also, if you think the original ipad is worth the steal now since it’s cheaper than ipad 2 now, just watch the promo video below.

If you’re not an apple fan boy like me, you’ll agree with me that you’ll be starting to fell in love with iPad 2.