Make Money

There are numerous ways to make money off the net. I have been making money from the internet for quit a while. You name anything, I most likely have been trying that. Autosurf programs, HYIP, online forex, doublers, affiliates, adsense,ebay and so many more. Some of it I have ignore it because it’s too much risky or complicated, some I’m starting to go back to the basics again. Here’s a list of what I’m doing to make money at the moment…

1. Google Adsense – no need for introduction I guess
2. Shareapic – Make money by sharing your pics. You will be paid for each views on your shared pictures!
3. Nuffnang Asia’s first blog advertising community
4. Paypal – a payment processor where advertisers pay you through this as a method of payment withdrawal

I’ll be posting more items from time to time based on what I have tested so far to avoid any scams, so make sure you check this back again and I’ll inform on the blog if this page is updated ! :grin: