Managing your leads

I have a lot of friends who have a day time job and at the same time, they have part time jobs or something that they can do while working from home or during their spare times. Some are into multi level marketing and some are earning money from the internet. One of the side jobs that has a high earning potential with not much effort is becoming an insurance agent. Well, it’s not hard if we know how to capture the leads.

lead management

The main problem that I see with my friends being an insurance  agent is how they failed to capture, manage and close the deal with the leads. The “lead” word  here means potential customers and insurance lead management is important for insurance agents as well as multi level marketers. To help them out, I looked for a customer relationship management in order to get them to manage their leads efficiently and this is where I found AIM CRM.

What I loved the most about AIM CRM is because it’s browser based and it has a centralized database. Simply put, as long as you have internet connectivity and a computer, you can access the leads data anytime, anywhere you want. That’s very convenient for everyone especially if you’re working in teams.  I have never came across an insurance crm that as convenient as this. Usually, insurance CRMs are offline based applications and it’s not really practical if you’re working in teams. You need to be back at the office just to update the leads instead of using the time for working on the leads.

Another feature that I would really love is the “Sales Team Management” feature. With this function, as a manager or the team leader, you can group the leads into one big group and assign the leads to your people. You can assign the leads according to your agents’ location. This makes it easier for your people to go out and meet the potential clients. With this, you can ensure they will save time on travel, saving money on the fuel expenses and maximizing time on closing the deal and follow ups. You can also monitor your agents’ progress using this feature to see who’s making phone calls, sending out promotional emails and other tasks.

If you’re looking a crm and lead management software, AIM CRM is the application that you need to consider. Just go to their website for trial and demo login. If you like it, you can subscribe to the full service for just as low as USD33 per month and on top of that, you can even customize it for your company. With the price tag, it’s really cheap than building a system like this from scratch by hiring companies doing it.

Link building guide for your blog

Many of us have a blog and wrote great content but sometimes, it’s not reachable to targeted audiences. Search engines like Google loves unique content but sometimes, unique content is just not enough. There are other reasons why your blog is not getting traffic from search engines or people just can’t seem to find your blog or your post especially when you’re writing something that is too common or something that people hardly search for.

link building

A few reasons why people fail to get traffic from search engines are:

  • Poor link building for the blog
  • Blog not indexed properly in the search engines
  • Blog is not search engine optimized
  • Wrong keywords or highly competitive keywords

I just want to talk about link building as people tend to ignore this fact. Two main reasons for link building are to get traffic and for SEO purposes, which is to get higher ranking on search engine for certain keywords. By placing your link on other sites, you will get clicks from the visitors on the site to your site or blogs, which is the traffic link building. Also, by placing links with specific anchor text on other sites, it will also boost your search engine rankings for the keyword. In simple words, the more links you have from specific text, the more search engine thinks it’s relevant to your site!

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Choosing top web hosting

A lot of us seem to be clueless when choosing a web hosting. It’s hard to full fill everyone needs right? Sometimes, the requirement is too high from what we need, sometimes we found something that is far below what we need and sometimes when we find the right one and it’s just too expensive for us. Even another hosting that gives more, charges for less. You make the best decision and went for it, paid for a year’s hosting and a month after that, you just realized that you made a very big mistake!

The best way to avoid this problem is to check some of the top web hosting companies review. Here you can check the previous and current owners’ testimonials. Not only that, you get to compare the prices and sometimes there are promotions that you can grab. You can look at their ratings and avoid getting all the guilt after a month or two because of choosing the wrong web hosting company for your sites. Trust me, I know. Been there, done that.

So make sure you check out top web hosting companies before you buy. In case you’re looking for more than just hosting, they also provide reviews for reseller web hosting, ASP web hosting and all other information that will be useful for you.

Stop smoking with electric cigarette

It’s not a secret anymore that I’m trying to quit smoking. That’s a bad habit and I don’t need a further lecture on the bad side of smoking and the effects of smoking for my later years. I tried a lot of ways to quit smoking but it seems really hard. It’s not about the nicotine or the temptation from other smokers, but I have to admit, sometimes I just want to get the feel of the smoking.


I came across an electric cigarette on the net and interested in trying it out. It’s said as an alternative to quit smoking method and although it will make you look like you’re smoking the real cigarette, in fact it doesn’t. From my readings, it seems like it’s more or less like a nicotine patch method but it gives you the same feel of smoking except there’s no smoke, meaning no danger to your lungs.

I’m really interested in trying this out. Need to know if there’s anyone out there who tried this before to quit smoking and how was the result?