Should i buy an ipad 2?

If you’re asking the same question as me..I’d say go for it if you have the money. Priced at the same as original Ipad one last time..this look like a sweet deal. And also, if you think the original ipad is worth the steal now since it’s cheaper than ipad 2 now, just watch the promo video below.

If you’re not an apple fan boy like me, you’ll agree with me that you’ll be starting to fell in love with iPad 2.

Computer stuff you need to know

Everybody knows the external computer parts like monitors, keyboards, mouse and the central processing unit or CPU. But do you know what’s inside the CPU? Here’s a quick introduction to the computer parts.

Basically if you open the CPU casing, you will see a large piece of board and a power supply. That’s what we call the motherboard or mainboard for some people. On this very board, we will place our graphic cards, processor, heat sinks, RAM and all other addon cards. Most of today’s motherboards will have everything pretty much embedded on it like network connection chipset, sound card chipset and wireless chipset.

There’s another part where you will see a row of slots that is used to extend the functionality of your motherboard. Older motherboards have PCI and AGP slots. Nowadays, the technology allows use to use PCI-express slots and compact PCI (cpci) slots for almost everything.

Some motherboards have built in graphic cards. This is enough to run your operating system like Microsoft Windows. But if you need to play a graphic extensive games, you probably need a dedicated graphic card. These days, you might need to purchase one that can be plugged to the PCI-express slot. Older computers will most likely use the AGP slot. And yes, I still have a perfectly running computer that uses the AGP slot but it’s just for surfing the net. It can’t possible be used to play any recent games anymore.

The importance of backup power

Have you ever wondered why you need a generator? In most cases, no one ever really care if the importance of power generators? What if the power goes out and you’ll be out of electricity for a few hours? Well, it’s not the end of the world right? Probably if it happened during the night, you can probably just go to bed a little bit early and sleep it off while the department responsible working on it. By the time you woke up, it’s all back to normal.

For most cases, that’s how it’s going to be. Unfortunately, emergency power generators are really important to big companies especially like mine. Not my own company but the company i’m working for. We have a lot of critical servers that needs to be powered on all the time and we can’t afford to lose connectivity to them even for a split second while in production. Power generators setup can be as simple as it can be to as complex as it can be. In my case, we have a UPS as a buffer to supply power to the servers while we try to fix the electricity problem. If everything else fails, we will start the generator to supply the electricity needed.

So is this means home users doesn’t need generators? Well, if you can, I would really suggest you get one. I’ll give you a few scenarios where you will be thankful that you have a generator at home. You are catching a deadline on a very important proposal for a millions worth of contract and suddenly the electricity died. Or you had a cake in the fridge, prepared specially for your spouse and want to surprise him/her first thing in the morning and your fridge will be useless if there’s no electricity. The list goes on and on but my point is, if you can afford it, why don’t you have one to prepare for the worst case scenario?

Looking for media hard disk storage

Since my collection of movies and TV shows are expanding, burning them to DVDs is not an option any longer. Most of the time, I will lost some of the DVDs and it really sucks when you can’t find the next few episodes of your TV series and have to download them all over again. Secondly, DVDs are not a reliable storage. You might scratch them and there goes the content!

I read a few reviews on media hard drive and I was just wondering if my readers have used and can recommend me a few brands and the pricing. Hopefully I can get one before Christmas! Not a bad idea for a Christmas present too. Anyone?