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File sharing on the web has been quite a trend these days. Bittorrent seems to lost it’s place and web based file sharing is rising. This is because of the factor that it’s hard to block these kind of services than bittorrent. One of the most popular web based file sharing site is The main problem with this is you can’t search the files uploaded by others. The answer is Uploading File Sharing General Search.

uploading search

File Sharing General Search can help you to find any files that are being hosted on Just like a normal search engine, you just need to put whatever files that you want and it will find it for you. The interface is very simple, even a kid can use it without any problem.

The File Sharing Search Engine is used for searching files that has been uploaded to the file sharing site. You can use normal search engine for that too but sometimes the search engine blocks that kind of results to protect copyrighted files. Using this service will make your life much more easier!

Choosing a web hosting company

In my last article, I talked about the guide on how to choose a domain name. This time, I want to point you to an article on How to choose a webhosting company. As much as a good domain name is important for you and your business, a good web hosting company is also needed to ensure that your site is up and running fine, with limited downtime. This is important so that your customers can get the information anytime they want and from anywhere they are.


In the article, it stressed a few key points that you need to know and consider when choosing a website company. You can read the article for explanation on each key points but you can take a look at the lists of things that need to be considered below:

  • How long they have been in business
  • Who are their other clients.
  • How long is their uptime to downtime ratio?
  • What is the specification of the hosting packages like space, bandwidth, database limit, ftp accounts and other features. Is it worth for your money?
  • Do you need to pay for the support?
  • Do they offer free statistics and analytics?
  • Is there any hidden fees
  • Is there a scheduled backup for your sites?

There are other things that needs to be considered and all of them are explained in the article. So if you’re looking for a hosting, take your time to read the article first so that you will not make any mistakes and you will get what is worthy for your money.

How to choose a domain name

There are many reasons people want to get a domain name. Some wants to establish themselves as a prominent figure on the internet, some wants to make money from selling the domain names, some wants get a shorter and a nice name for their personal websites and much more reason to get a domain name. Whatever the reason is, how do you choose a good domain name?


If you’re a blogger who wants to move to a self hosted blog platform like WordPress, you need a domain name. Usually, if you’re getting a domain name with your nick or name, you shouldn’t have too much trouble unless your name or nickname is too common. Probably it will be registered to someone else already. How about if you want to brand yourself or sell a product?

If that’s the case, I would love to point to a very informative article on How To Choose a Great Domain Name. The article will explain to you on how to choose a good domain name, whether you’re just starting a business or you’re already in the business, referring to company websites. It also explains that you can have a lot of domain names that point to the same site, the advantages and the disadvantages of it. The article talks about choosing domain name in general, it doesn’t teach you on how to register one yourself from the start. Remember, registering one is easy but choosing the right domain name is the hardest!

Frankly, I don’t know that the maximum characters allowed for a domain name is 26 characters, but I glad that I read the article. Now I know that the maximum characters for a domain name.

Buying links on other blogs

I have blogged about getting backlinks to your blog using directory and commenting on other blogs. The method is completely free but it will take some time and lots of hard work. So if you don’t have any funds or spare money to spend, the method is the one that is best for you to starting building backlinks to your blog or website. If you have some money to spend or wanted to increase backlinks to your site faster, then you can advertise on blogs.


The work flow is simple. You need to advertise on paid to blog websites or certain forums to look for bloggers who wants to write and link to your website or blog. Usually you will provide the anchor text and the minimum words that you want for the article or blog post. How about the rates? The rates usually determined by both parties, but usually the advertiser will set it. So the bloggers can decide whether to take it or leave it. Other qualities that affect the rates and the price for a blog post is Google Page Rank value and Alexa rankings. You can read more on the advantages and other blog advertising news here.

So if you have some extra funds, advertising on other blogs is the way to go. You can also use the fund to insert your link into Yahoo Directory which is a paid directory, unlike free directory such as DMOZ. So, assess what you have and then decide on how to build backlinks to your blog.