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I woke up today and I still hoping that Arsenal’s defeat in Champion’s League is just another bad dream and apparently I’m not. When the Gunners beat AC Milan on their home grown, I also can’t believe that it was real…I just imagine that it was a dream, the best dream that might happen to me and I want to be in the dream for as long as I could. But the glory ended yesterday but it was worth the while.

Speaking of which, I got a few more Sufiah’s pics for your eye pleasure. Definitely worth to take a peek. Heck, if I own Playboy..I would take Sufiah for the Play Girl of the month. Seriously !!

Click here for more pics of her ===> News Of the World

More on pictures, I was browsing a few other blogs and stumbled upon this picture. What the hell is wrong with these guys. OK..you want to protest about the pig farm…please do. It’s all about democracy right. But do you need to go this extreme with the banner. Talk about Malays and their tradition and grace. Should they really go for this extreme… Cut the crap. Did they get paid for this too? Seriously. If they only read about this on Utusan Meloya..then they’re the stupid people who should be in the banner.

Gila Babi

p/s : I’m so fucked up with the pictures. Looking at the banner, I remembered the banners on Theresa Kok during the last election. I bet it’s the same person who draws the cartoon.

It’s over….

Finally…Arsenal’s march into Champion’s League semi-final this year has been shattered by the Kops. Arsenal had the opening goal from Diaby on 13th minute and dominated until the half hour when Hyppia head in the first goal for Liverpool from the corner on 30th minute. Arsenal and Liverpool went to half time on 1-1 score.

Liverpool begin the 2nd half with attacking and Arsenal has little chance to counter back. Liverpool got their 2nd goal from Torres from a fine turn and blasted the ball the top right corner. It seems that it goes all the way to Liverpool for the semi final until substitute Walcott made an astonishing run from the Arsenal’s half defeating 4 people in his way into Liverpool’s penalty box, took a quick glance on Adebayour’s position. With a simple touch from Adebayour from Walcott’s center pass to level Arsenal back. Liverpool hit back straight away and got a goal back after a minute through a penalty, taken by Gerrand. The penalty was given by referee after Ryan Babel was “brought down” by Toure and ref also awarded Toure a yellow card. Arsenal struggle to get another goal before Ryan Babel finished the game with another goal on the counter attack.

Conclusion : What an anti-climax ending with the Babel’s goal. Almunia should have done better after Cesc Fabregas has closed Babel’s angle to shoot.

Personal view : I think Senderos should have done better through the game. Sloppy defending from him caused the 2 goals from Hyppia and Torres. The penalty shouldn’t be awarded by the ref, where the real penalty should be given when Hleb was taken down by Kuyt in the first leg. Substitute Walcott should came in as replacement for Senderos and Eboue should drop back to right back and let Toure take his usual place in the center defence. All around it’s wonderful game to watch but the result is really disappointing for the Gunners.

You can watch the goals here : Dailymotion

Don’t smoke when you’re sleepy

Most people some when they’re sleepy. Heck I always light my cigarette when I’m feeling sleepy while driving a long journey. But in this case..this guy slept while smoking and resulted in serious burn. The Star reported this.

MUAR: A man suffered a 75% burn after he was believed to have fallen asleep on a mattress while smoking in his living room.

Construction worker Soh Lip Tah, 32, was rushed to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital by his elder brother after being informed of the 10am incident yesterday.

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The One Agreement That Najib Should Sign

Is his political career, Malaysia’s Deputy PM signed too many contracts, agreement, official letters, MOUs and lots of other things including his marriage certificate I think. If you asked him how many did he signed in his life or in the last month, heck I don’t think he can count it or give you an answer on the spot.

I’m only want to set things straight. I don’t care how many he did sign in the past but there’s one thing I know for sure. He definitely need to get an agreement paper signed and sealed. What’s the agreement is all about. Have you heard of gentleman’s agreement? You can look it up in Wikipedia if you want.

Need to have an example on gentleman’s agreement? Let me quote you something from a while back.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said there was no gentleman’s agreement between him and his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he (Abdullah) be prime minister only for a term.

“No such thing,” the Prime Minister told reporters yesterday after he launched Pavilion, the latest upmarket shopping mall here.

Asked why he thought Dr Mahathir felt that there was such an agreement, he said, “Each person has his own views.”

When reporters pressed him further on the so-called gentleman’s agreement, Abdullah brushed it aside saying, “Why are you so interested in this? There was nothing.”

Three days ago, the former prime minister had claimed that he had a gentleman’s agreement when he handed over power to Abdullah in 2003, that the latter would stay on for one term only and subsequently pass over the mantle to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

More here on The Star.

Now Pak Lah’s giving Najib a gentleman’s agreement as his successor. Well..well..well…what we have here. It seems that Pak Lah is making promises to Najib which he claimed there was none between Tun Dr M when he was picked as the successor to him. Here’s some snippet from Bernama.

“I’m not going to stay on for years. Certainly not,” the prime minister told reporters after meeting Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders here.

Abdullah was asked whether he had a date in mind on when he would retire after having named Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as his successor.

The prime minister said Sunday Najib was his successor and that they had no problems between them.

On naming Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as his successor, Abdullah said in jest: “Of course.

Are you in doubt that you have to ask me again?” “Datuk Seri Najib understands me more than you can understand me. I am not going to stay on for years. Certainly not,” he added.

More here on the story at Bernama

I’m not sure what is his real motive in declaring that. Maybe he wanted to drag Najib in his tug-of-war with Tun Mahathir. Maybe he’s just saying that to raise support from Najib and his supporters in UMNO’s internal conflict and when the time comes, he will use his “trump card” on Najib to deny his rights on the top post in the Parliament and appoint someone else as the “heir of the throne”? We’ve seen this about a decade ago during Tun Dr. M’s administration when he sacked Anwar Ibrahim on various accusation and stuff(which I don’t want to go into details). This should be interesting to watch.

Maybe history is repeating itself? Let’s pray that we all going to get a very interesting ending to this saga.